Ive Had It..had It

his annoying ex who wont go away..***** is an attention *****..rings the alarm for no ****** reason and i dont feel its coming from a good place on her end..I do have some trust issues with him still because of something he did but he has improved greatly i just wish this ***** would poof! dissappear and all can be well in my land..

he helped raise her daughter from when she was born till 5 yrs old and she looks at him as a father figure sort of..but ive been with him 2 yrs..u think ive met her? think ive met the child? NOPE..the girl contacts him on FB acting like **** is an emergency when it isnt..

hes assured me im the one but due to his track record i have a hard time believing him..if he loved me hed put her in her place..why do i have to fight?

i saw a text from her on his phone stating she wanted to come back just she and him alone? are you serious? he tells me he told her it wasnt happening cuz hes with me..but honestly i dont believe that shitt..ive decided to let him go..i cant deal with this..i turn 30 in 2 weeks and this is the childish **** i deal with? and this isnt even half..not at all but im a woman and i have 6 years on her..so i know the childish games..she sees him happy now and wants to come ruin ****..and if he cant give me my place and introduce me to her and handle it like grown adults..then i know i made my right decision..the child isnt even HIS! WTF she cheated on him 2xs..and now cuz he looks like a catch due to my hard work..now u decide u want him back..lord help me..srsly..im grown but im about to ****** this child by her weave and put her in her place for being a disrespectful *****

Wise Words from Jill Scott cuz this is how i feel

suga honey girl fly fly away

I been a lady up to now don't know how much more I can take

Queens shouldn't swing if you know what I mean

But I'm bout to take my earrings off get me some vasaline

(You betta go on get out my face girl you betta chill)

Chill and I mean it

(You betta back down before you get smacked down you betta chill)

You betta relax yourself

(You betta go on get out my face girl you betta chill

He's my man and nobody elses

missgigiana missgigiana
26-30, F
Mar 5, 2010