I Seriously Hate Her!

I cant even described the amount of uncalled for drama this ***** has started! FROM THE BEGINNING she started her petty bullshit. Might i just add that this cow cant even tell you the father of her 3 children and she is MARRIED!!!!! MARRIED and STILL interferring with MY relationship. I have been with my boyfriend and soon to be husband for 3 years. She just can not seem to let go of something they may have had YEARS ago, while she was married. Im confused with this idiot. I dont understand how someone can say they love their husband but are acting like a middle school child trying to get to my man????????????  She calls MY phone from a private number. Like i dont know its her. That is absolutly insane! He says he loves me and they he would die without me, and that he hates her and that she is a stupid fat *****! BUT.... On the other hand, i just dont know anymore, she has me very paranoid. I dont like this feeling, i dont like it at all. And to be honest, i am scared that if i find out that something has gone on, what i might do to the both of them. I know it sounds complelty crazy, but if he cheated on me with anyone else, i may be forgiving, but HER? I might kill. Ok not literally, but i would so kill in my head. Why wont she just go away???? If im not wanted somewhere, i go away. Why wont she? It is ten times harder because my boyfriend and i come from two totally different backgrounds. and his family HATES me. They believe that i think i am better than they are, but i think they are all just nutty. and bloody hell, they are judging me and started judging way before it go this far. She is a really close friend of his family, so that is why it is sooo damn difficult. Im just hopeing she gets pushed off a cliff. Although whoever pushes her will need to be mighty sttrong to get her fat *** over the edge. I just hate her. A LOT!

beccagirl beccagirl
18-21, F
Mar 13, 2010