She Is Crazy

I have been seeing this guy for a while he has two beautiful little girls and a crazy ex-wife. She calls multiple times a day/night claiming it's about the kids. She has called my bf's job asking if he works there, what his hours are, and how much does he make. We recently got new cellphone numbers and she got his number from one of his friends, this crazy B**** calls once, i block the number, then she goes and gets pre-paid cells just to call... so I had to have the number blocked. Will she ever get over this? I wish she would find a man. She is so manipulative and crazy sending me messages on myspace and what not. I can deal with this and let it roll off my back but how long does this go on? Until the youngest is 18??

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A very long time ago, my boyfriend broke up with his childhood sweet heart of 7 years because of disgraceful acts on her behalf. Heart broken, he decided to live a little and a bit of casual sex is what will heal him. Unfortunately he had a one night stand and the 'GIRL' fell pregnate and kept the child. The little boy is seven, we see him often, as far as I'm concerned this ferrel should consider herself lucky she got a decent guy drunk enough to sleep with her, but no. The stress is unbearable, money money money. Abuseive messages about wanting more when every time I see her there is more tattoos she goes on holidays and stays at resorts but then blames us for her 3 kids to 3 different dads not eating. It makes me sick. Now child raid his account because she didn't declare a cent we gave her when she "didn't want child suppot involved" I just an abortion myself because we couldn't afford to keep my own child, and it tore me in to shreds. So we got out of debt I quit my job to study so I could get a good paying career, get married and have children. Now she is pulling this ****, we can't even pay rent. I'm about to leave. Some one give me the curage to stay.

I'm the baby momma and was with my ex for three and a half years. The problem was he had a crazy ex who never left us alone, she lives in a different country, but travelled to a different continent to see his family at the same time we travelled there, it was my first time meeting his family. She is obsessed with his culture, his family and his friends. She wrote comments about us social networking sites and as i discovered kept writing to my ex in private. This guy is now my for this and so many other reasons. If your boyfriend doesn't have the respect to tell his crazy ex straight to F off, then maybe he's just enjoying the attention a little too much. Do yourself a favour and find someone who is 100% devoted to you, you'll save yourself a lot of heartache in the end.

im going through the same situation. my boyfriends baby momma. yes thats all she is they were never married. she calls 24 hrs 7 days a wk.. she shows up at his job where i also work.has actually tried to get physical with me.. i havetried to explain to him how i feel and its like he doesnt get it.. he is afraid to have her locked up because he dont want to take his childs mother away.. she is really crazy and honestly i think him talking to her in any conversation about the kids whatever gives her false hope. i dont want to ake him choose but i have a child of my own to look out for.. i love him deeply but i have learned with this u have to be strong and pray. keep your heart out of decisions your brain has to make.sitback and watch and put it in gods hands.. if ourrelationship is meant to be then it will. i love him so deeeply with all my heart and it kills me to have that attitude. but in a situation like this what can you do?

Yes, all you wonderful faithful ladies want all these men in divorces with children. Is there not enough single men around? Then you all chew the bag when the ex's are still in the picture. Do any of you have a spec of morals left? I guess you get what you pay for. Don't be surprised when you are the hurt and angry ex's.

it does not matter if the new girlfriend has been married or not, its about being a decent human being! and you obviously are not if you think being "the hurt and angry ex" gives you the excuse to hurt another person. if you are ex's then its for a reason and you need to MOVE ON!

Get your own man. stop being a homewrecker!

I hope you were referring to the ex girlfriends.

i am in the same situation. i am dating this guy who was married to a crazy lady and has one son. when i met him, he lied to me saying that the lady and him dont get along any more to even see the child, and he was gone do child support and just start his own life. but after four months the crazy lady got my numb and started calling me and giving me nasty names, acting like she is still with him. then i talked to him and told him that i dont want any drama in my life and he needs to deal with her. he did but i dont think he did all the way because just the other day she went to his appartment office and showed them the kid and she was locked out and asked them extra key to his appartment. i dont blame those office people, because may be she was crying on them and stuff so they gave her the key. and then crazy lady came inside of the appartment while we were sleeping starring at us in the beed room. i dont even know how i jumped and screamed, then she started arguing with him like crazy and finally she left. now, i am soooooo mad at him and her, and i am so scared to go to his place anymore. yes, he is trying to make it up to me, but i honestly am scared for my own life. if she cant let go and he is not doing his job to protect me, i am in denger. please help!!!!!!!!!

im new to the whole boyfriend has and ex-wife thing. i was insane when i thought it would be nothing ha yeah ok. its only been three months and she has their 6 year old son thinking im going to poison him with food and drinks so he refuses to eat or drink unless we go out to a resturant. i dont blame the son hes only 6. she is trying her best to make me run and im not going anywhere as long as the little one is ok with me being with his daddy im stayingand for the most part he is or so he says. he is ok with me just not when it comes to food and drinks. im starting to think it will never end even get worse. "till the yougest is 18" no i would say much longer than that. i have tried to be silent when it comes to her since i hate drama i usually let my boyfriend deal with it and he does but now she has finally taken it too far threats over facebook and now a message to my father who now thinks they are still married and im seeing a married guy the things these women do my oh my.

I Hate my fiance's ex wife! She uses the kids as excuses to talk to him and tries to put a wedge between us by making up lies and trying to manipulate him. What really makes me mad is he doesn't seem to stand up to her. It's so frustrating I want to rip her hair out!!

Wow! I thought my boyfriend's ex wife was crazy since she can't get over it although it has been nearly 2 years! She still posts nasty comments on facebook! I think it's just pathetic...

I am in a similar position at my witts end. Do these women have any idea the trouble that they cause?