Love My Boyfriend, Hate His Family!

When I met my boyfriend I thought he was the one. When I was 18 he asked me to move in with him into his mothers house. That is when it all went wrong. Among the many obstacles that got in our way while I was living there, the last straw was when his older brothers 30 year old girlfriend also moved in with her 2 terribly behaved kids and their baby. She is jobless, on welfare, sits around on her butt watching tv all day. She offers up no help, no money to my boyfriends mother. She already has one child she couldnt take care of so it lives with her parents. And the children she does have with her she doesnt take care of! She doesn't watch them she lets them run around misbehaving, getting into everything, breaking things, messing up the house. Let's the baby sit in the play pen and cry. The only time she gets up off her butt is to go smoke a ciggarette, which she does about a pack a day. She doesn't even do her, or her kids laundry she makes my boyfriends mother do it! Well come to find out she is 5 months pregnant already again, and yes folks that means she is smoking a pack a day while pregnant, and she wonders why her 10 month old son has asthma. Now, I have to pay his parents rent to live there. But they do not make her pay rent to live there and she has her 3 kids with her! My boyfriends mother comes home from work every day and is screaming and yelling at those kids. And whats worse is my boyfriends mother and stepdad repremand the children with physical punishment. Whipping them with belts, smacking them across the head, slapping them as hard as they can on their butts. I do not condone child abuse, nor am I comfortable hearing it, let alone seeing it with my own eyes so you can imagine my growing discomfort in this house. I also did not think it was fair that I pay rent and she does not. As a result my boyfriend and I got into more and more arguments and he was often put in the middle between his mother and myself. We cracked under the pressure and I ended up moving out 2 days after christmas. He also moved out a week after that. And his brothers girlfriend wasted no time in moving up into our upstairs apartment with his brother and the 3 children. They STILL dont pay rent. She is 30 years old his brother is 25. She STILL has no job and she has now lost her welfare. I have no words for these people, they make me sick. This little snippet isn't even half the story but it's all I can manage to get out. I love my boyfriend very dearly, we are back together and trying to work things out. But I hate his family with everything I am and I will never, ever, get along with them. I only hope we can make it past that.
Jboogie92 Jboogie92
18-21, F
May 9, 2012