I Hate My Boyfriends Family!

I love and adore my boyfriend, but his family is a bunch of drama filled people. His mom liked me until I became his gf. She will do anything to start trouble or try and make me made such as inviting his ex gf over her house on her bday!! She even cooked her a bday dinner. I didnt even get a simple text on my bday. I was there for his younger sister when thwir mom left and then when she needed attention she turned on me making me look like this huge witch and made everyone start talking about me. I think its pure jealously because they do this to my boyfriends brothers gf as well. They even trid causing fights between me and her but we luckily figured that out. I cant take it anymore! But I love him and don't know what to do or how to get through this. Please help!
cryforhelp911 cryforhelp911
22-25, F
1 Response Sep 7, 2012

I'm in the same boat, girl! My boyfriends mom puts pics of his ex-wife all over her house, so when I come over its like a slap in the face considering there isn't one of me in the entire place. She will even go as far as bad mounting me to his ex.. Really?? The most positive advise I can give is just try and not let it seem like it bothers you too much. The mother feels threatend by you and that's why she does that. She sees you as someone who is taking her " baby or little boy" away. If at all possible talk with your bf and see what he can do about having a sit down with his mother. In my situation it's best if I stay away entirely because I've tried having this talk withy bf's mother and she thinks she's doing nothing wrong. It's to the point where is mother and I do t sleek at all. Try and not let it go that far, it takes a tole in your relationship with ur partner.