You're 50, Act Like It

Ugh. . . I can't stand my boyfriends mother and sister.
I used to be on good terms with both of them until his mother decided that she didn't like my haircut. Yes, haircut.
I got a really cute feminine Mohawk that I love and posted a picture on Facebook. His mom posted nasty comments about how it was ugly and I need to grow up and I'll never get a full time job. . . I just ignored them. My cousin told her not to be so rude and my boyfriends mom responded by unfriending me and complaining about how my cousin was judging her.
I just deleted the photos.
That was the beginning of all of her passive aggressive behavior.
She always has something negative to say and she tries to make m boyfriend blow me off to do things for her.
We did her grocery shopping recently and bought the wrong brand of almond milk, she texted my boyfriend and told him that I picked the wrong brand on purpose (because that makes sense).
I think she has some serious mental issues because she's so passive aggressive and the things that upset her don't make sense.

I wish she could just not cause problems instead of making them worse by being so negative and mean.
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2 Responses Jan 12, 2013

Hi! My name is Lande Yoosuf and I'm casting a show about people that dealing with issues between their significant other and their family. I'd like to hear more about your story if you're open to sharing. I can be reached at lande.yoosuf [at] vpetalent [dot] com. Thanks so much!

The passive aggressive stuff is the worst! It's like you can't even complain about it cause to anyone who doesn't know the situation it looks super innocent. I feel for you :(