Treat Me Like An Outcast

His mother talks about me behind my back and comments that she raised 3 kids without any help. 

His 2 sisters ingnore me, one of them had a wedding and didn't include me at all not even in 1 picture.  The other one sends him a gift every year for xmas and birthday and doesn't even send me a card or acknowledge me.  We've been together for eight years with 1 brief separation.  It is very distressing.  They know I have issues with depression, but they treat me like I'm a lazy loser.

I'm not even going to make an effort with them anymore.

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I do the same thing....I have been with mine for almost 4 years now we have a 1 year old together...His mother is soo fake in front of me..His sister does not act like I am even in the same room as her and I dont even see his brother...The best is we went on vacation to see his grandparents and the bought our little girl stuff his sister and him things and didnt even bother to even get me something small...I am done trying to act like I am part of there family...My family took my boyfriend in and helped him with school and everything and I get nothing...I am so pissed the kicker is they want us to move down here soo what i can leave my family and get treated like ****..ya right ok

My family treats me like the black-sheep. They treat my wife like ****. Her family treats me even worse. So I avoid them. I don't even try to TRY. They're not worth it.

You too FineArtGirl, thanks for commenting

I am kinda going through something very similar and I wish you luck

Thanks Chele, love ya too!!!!! and I"m glad they moved away hehehehehe

Nope! Don't give them the time of day girl... I know 2 wrongs don't make a right but you know, I find that respect has to be EARNED! Let them EARN your respect! And if they choose not to, then THEY are the lazy losers! <br />
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Luv ya!

Thank you for the advice. It has gotten better since I wrote the story because they moved out of state, lol. Now that they are not in the same state, they send me cards and act civil...........go figure? his other sister still acts like a horse's ***.......but she was always one

Do not listen to the advice given in the first post by ReformedAutomaton. That is bad advice to say the least. You can't win by "fighting fire with fire" you have to be logical about the situation.<br />
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I use to be extremely spiteful, and I still am when it comes to certain things, however in this case I disagree with the spiteful approach.<br />
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I did the same thing to my boyfriend's parents and it got me no where. It basically ruined our relationship and his family hasn't changed at all.

tumbline~hon, I was you twelve years ago. To the point that the other sister-in-law and & I shared a b-day and EVERY year for sixteen frustrating years of marriage and two boys later his "mommy" tells me to leave and he tells me..pack!! I can only tell you this..DO not stay with a situation you are feeling vulnerable about. It will eat at you and you need more than regrets to sleep with at night babycakes. Be smarter than I was demand that he respect you as much as he does his family or you will find someone that does. You are a beautiful person with a load of love to give. And P>S> depression is not contagious why are they acting like it is..

I totally agree with mountainman. If you're man is not defending you then he can move on at any point, no questions asked.

you know the mood i'm in now, I'm really sick of families, I have one brother and he is really annoying me. he makes a ton of money and cries he has none, and then travels spends all kinds of money. I recently loaned him a good amount and i'm not getting it back. <br />
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sorry for rambling, i'm just frustrated lately.

Awww. I'm so sorry. This situation sounds like another I know. My friend came from another country and married her husband. Somehow the husband's wife hates her and thinks her son is too good for anyone. The wife felt bad and sent over a lot of money for her birthday and medical bills. The husbands wife still hates her and doesn't even wish their daughter a happy birthday (their daugher's birthday is the day after the fathers). It's like she thinks that even the daughter isn't good enough to be apart of that family.

The disturbing thing here is I'm not hearing how ya are being "Defended" from this treatment. Any man who will allow his lady to be so treated is just bidding his time ta move on and has NO respect for her. <br />
Sorry that isn't gonna be a popular answer but I wouldn't let anyone treat my dog like that. Seriously, So the thought of someone allowing their lady to be treated like that would at the VERY least be a call ta councelling.<br />
Good Luck there tumblin, ya don't deserve that kind a treatment , nobody does.<br />
hugs an such,<br />

Doesn't sound like you should. Fight fire with fire I say. When you are around them I would pretend that they don't exist. They will get a taste of their own medicine.