And I Am Fairly Sure They Hate My Boyfriend and Possibly Me

My boyfriend only has 2 friends who I like.   They are also the only 2 who like him.  Fr the past 6 weeks my bf and I were supposed to have plans, but his friends keep making different ones.   I'm cool with taht, he's had me for 4 months and them for years.  He'd seen me fairly recntly and not seen them for aboy 8 months.  I would ditch him for my friends if it was something big and it had been that long. (But my friends LIKE me so it we at least talk a lot.)  They make plans to go to the college where most of them are then, about 4 hours after they were supposed to leave, they cancel.  I live a couple hours away so this makes it hard to continue with our plans.  (And my friend LIKE me so I have more plans very quickly when he does cancel.)  Once or twice is annoying.  This happened 5 times. 

This weekend took the cake tho.  We made plans 2 weeks ago, he told everyone.  A week and a half ago, they all made plans to go to a park near of the the friends I do like's school and camp.  My boyfriend talked to one of his friends who asked if he was going.  He didn't know anything about it so the friend told him they were hiking there on Friday.  I said he could go and I would go see my college friends.  Then the friend I like texted him about the camping.  So he cancled on me.  The friend accidentally left out that he had the park totally wrong.  (Meanwhile my friends made plans for me becuase I was sad.)  My boyfriend spent a week saying I could meet him at the college or that he'd visit on the way home.  (I told him he wouldn't.)  THE DAY he was going up there one of them needed a ride and told him where it really was.  I found out when I called to see if he'd made it.  The friend wasn't ready so they hadn't left yet.  This added 2 hours to the drive and had him leaving 3 hours after he planned.  

He says this is pretty normal.  The 2 friends who I do like assure me of the same.  I've been friends with mostly guys all my life.  I have a brother and 2 male cousins.  This is the stuff guys do to people they only like for thier stuff.  I've seen my brother and his friends do it, each of my cousins, my best friend in middle school was treated like this when the other boys found out he was gay but still wanted his gaming systems, my friends from Taekwondo did it to the guy who had a car, my best friend in high school's guy friends talked about it openly, 3 sets of my college friends did it.   I hate his friend for not being his friends.  I hate them for using him when it's convient.  I am pissed as hell at him for letting them.  



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Update: I have not heard from my boyfriend since he left to go camping. Neither have his parents. I can't find anyone who has. I have no faith that his friends would call anyone if he never showed up. I think they would laugh about telling him the wrong place while he was calling them from from the side of the road.