My Boyfriends Mom Took Him Away From Me.

I had the best relationship with my boyfriend.
We were together a year.
It was long distance as we lived a province away from each other but it was wonderful!
we would talk every single night for hours, 9 hours the night we told each other we loved the other.
We were very connected on every level, he was also very close to my 5 year old daughter (from a previous engagement).
My only concern was that he is 25 years old and lives in his moms basement, but he assured me he was simply saving money and not a mommas boy.
He would visit every couple of months and stay for a week at a time, he insisted on visiting me for our privacy because I have a house.
We had been together a year and I had yet to meet his family in person,  so we had finally come up with a plan for me to do that this august.
After his last visit in may we suspected I might be pregnant.
We discussed it and what it would mean for us, and decided either way we wanted to spend our lives together.
He told me he already considered my daughter his own and asked us to move down to his town so we could be closer.
I decided to take a home test so that we could figure out what our future would hold for us.
The test came out negative and we continued on with our relationship as normal, and I began packing to move.
We both continued to suspect I was pregnant over the next several weeks, since all the signs were still pointing to it.
We agreed that I'd better find out for sure.
Well I bought a box of two tests, one came out negative and one came out positive,  confused I went down to my doctors and sure enough I'm pregnant.
My boyfriend and I talked about it and were both excited, we agreed it would be a wonderful life.
The day I told him I was, his mother and father cried and hugged him telling him it would all be okay(As if he had just found out he was dying), they told him they would support him in whatever he decided to do(meaning they wouldn't hold it against him if he didn't want to live up to his responsibilities).
The night after I found out my boyfriend and I decided we needed a date night and that we'd have a movie night over the phone, well his mother came downstairs and stood in his doorway making him get off the phone with me.
I had a horrible feeling about her behavior.
My boyfriend apologized for her actions the next evening and we had 3 more wonderful nights of skyping and talking of the baby and our future.
Then one morning just a few weeks ago now, I wake up to find out his cell phone has been disconnected, his facebook has been removed, and his mother is phoning me.
His mother accused me of lying about my pregnancy, asking me why i was so back and forth about everything.
She asked me about the negative test as if they've never happened to people before, and then she told me her son isn't ready for a baby or my 5 year old following that with the question of what I was going to do about the baby.
She's a nurse who used to be a midwife and now seems to think she knows absolutely everything about pregnancy.
She continued to ask me about what protection we used, how often we had intercoarse, and if I would fax her my blood test results.
I was so insulted but I was in shock and I hate confrontations so my reaction was to answer her questions as honestly as possible.
She made me feel like an irresponsible teenager and so I ended up crying and telling her how much I love her son and promising to get her anything she wanted as proof.
We agreed I would call her after my doctors appointment and set up a way to fax her the info she wanted.
in the mean time I tried to phone my boyfriend at work on two occasions, one time being told he was on holidays, and the other that he quit.
I emailed him, and sent photos of a positive home test and a doctors note but heard nothing back.
On the day I had planned to phone his mother, I got a msg. "the phone number you are trying to reach has been disconnected"
I know my boyfriend is a grown man, but I have a feeling his mom has had allot to do with this.
I have a feeling she's swayed him or even lied to him and now the more emails I send the worse I feel and I have no way of getting ahold of him.

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Ugh, I hate things like this. My boyfriend's mom is the same way. We're not as serious and have never had any pregnancy scares, but I know that if we did, she would be the same way. He is so close to his mom and is such a mama's boy and she has this way of just getting to him and making him think that her way is the only way. We actually broke up a couple months ago because she got in his head and made me out to be immature and disrespectful and would never mix well with their family. This was right before he was planning on proposing to me. She chewed me out for 40 minutes on the phone one time, telling me that she didn't think I was the right person for her son, and she didn't think I would ever be. I absolutely HATE talking to her and I don't want her in my life. She hates me for some unknown reason and takes every opportunity to let me know it. And I don't think she's ever going to stop trying to tear us apart.<br />
So, I know (kind of) how you feel, although not to that extent. I'm so sorry to hear that she seems to have gotten into your boyfriend's head and made him start to act like this. Maybe he can grow a pair and be his own person and stand up to her and be with you like he told you he wanted to. Eventually my boyfriend realized that breaking up was what his mother wanted, not him, and he tried to fix his mistake. Hopefully your boyfriend will do the same thing and stop listening to his mom's craziness. Sometimes that's really hard for these guys who are so close to their moms...