Lazy And Irresponsible.

My boyfriend lives with his mom and sometimes I stay with him at their house. At first I liked his mom and thought she was nice, however that image changed after a few months of getting to know her better.

She recently lost her job and is making no attempts to get a new one, just sits on her *** and collects her unemployment checks while she watches sitcoms on Netflix. One time she even had the nerve to ask my boyfriend to get me to contribute money for rent since I stay with him quite often. I found this extremely irrational and rude, and so did he, because the only money I have is from college financial aid, and she was asking me to contribute with that money when I can't even afford my own food. It's for school!

She never cleans the house so it always stinks like cat liter. And when she opens her bedroom door, the whole house fills with this musty stench of old sweaty laundry and dirty sheets and who knows what else. It's the worst room in the house. The dishes are always stacked sky high and sometimes I would even get so sick of it I would go and wash them myself. Only to discover them piled in the sink 2 days later. (She's fat and eats all day.) So I got sick of that too and now I no longer wash her dishes. And once she even got pissed at us for 'not contributing' because she had to go get the mail, so apparently that means we never clean up our messes or do ANYTHING around the house and she just has to do it ALL.

After getting laid off from her job and being a major ***** to us about it, she lost her boyfriend because of the way she was acting. Yeah, really sad and all, but this boyfriend was some online creep in some backwater country trying to marry her so that he could become a citizen and she didn't even realize it. Not that it matters because she treats my boyfriend like he's HER boyfriend by constantly interrupting us in the middle of conversations or things we're doing so that she can make him come in her room and counsel her about her problems or guilt trip him into going to the movies with her since he 'never does anything with her anymore.'

But what REALLY has been ******* me off lately is how irresponsible she is.

We used to buy TP for the bathroom for everyone to use, but she would go through and entire roll a day until we had nothing left and had to use napkins or paper towels to wipe our **** off. I used to think it was because she didn't have enough money to afford it, but now I realize she doesn't replace it because she's so lazy and irresponsible and forgetful. So me and the boyfriend got really tired of dealing with that, and we decided we would buy our own TP and keep it in his room in the closet.

So we went to the store and picked it up and when we brought it home, his mom was expecting us to put all 24 rolls in the bathroom, even though my boyfriend explained that we were just going to buy our own from now on. She sighed and went to pick up her own and later on seemed to have forgotten about it completely.

So a week goes by and she's used up her entire supply and starts knocking on my boyfriend's bedroom door. She told us there was no TP in the bathroom and asked us if we were gonna put ours in there or just hoard it up in his room. And my boyfriend had to explain AGAIN that it was our TP and we dont use it up as quick, but he'd give her a roll to use until she could get to the store. And she's like, well you guys use what's in the bathroom don't you? And I chime in with an, I don't, I use the TP we bought. So she gets all aggravated and sighs and goes into her room to ignore us and be pissed off and didn't even take the TP my boyfriend offered her. Which I didn't give a single crap about because she'd just use it to plug up the toilet for the billionth time. She acts like it's the toilet's fault, but she's the only one who has ever plugged it up. Maybe because you use half the roll of toilet paper every time you go to the bathroom.

That's not even half of the crap she does that annoys the hell out of me.
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1 Response May 5, 2012

I feel the same way about my boyfriends mom, she spends all of her money on drugs, put her husband in jail a month ago and already has a new boyfriend. They can't afford the water bill and it's going to get shut off but somehow all the money that was given to her magically dissapeared, maybe if she actually quit smoking 3 packs of cigarettes a day she would have the money for the water bill. And she could support her sons. One is 8, I feel bad for him.