Boyfriends Crazy Mother!

so i guess in some outrageous planets its okay to just pretty much stalk your

sons girlfriend.. or it seemed that way to this crazy lady! my god. she would look through my phone, look at my myspace, try to keep tabs on me as if she was dating me! we dated for about 6 months and at first we were bestfriends and always hung out cause my boyfriend did sports and was always out and doing stuff and i always went shopping and such with his mom. she bought me alot of stuff all the time and spent alot of money on me but then when she wanted something.. her exscuse that she gave me to make me do it.. was that she bought me stuff! i was just like whaaaatt????? and its not like she asked simple requests like ohh hey can u take out the trash? or hey can u run an arrand? NO NO NO it was like hey can you steal (boyfriends) car keys so i can search his car?! WHAT THE HELL! is she serious?


when we went on vacation she went through my cell phone and read all my texts and just went crazy idk what to think of her! we ended up breaking up because she found out some things about my past and told all of her son and his friends and their moms and all the moms at my school and ruined my reputation and still texts me all the time with psycotic text messages. she sabatoged our relationship and is to this day the reason why we cannot work through things and get back together! we still love eachother but she is so up his butt that he cant do anything or talk to anyone or go anywhere without her knowing every single intricate detail about what it is!


who else hates these crazy ladies?!

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I know I do. They start out so sweet and friendly, and then you see them for what they really are...batshit crazy. I have a similar situation, although not as severe as yours at all. I'm sorry about that :/ My bf's mom is insane! I feel like she brainwashed my boyfriend to accept her craziness until he recently opened his eyes and realized the things she does is messed up. This bit** needs to step out of our lives and GROW UP. She's like a spoiled brat and throws the most ridiculous temper tantrums! He's moving out in about a needs to come sooner! I hope things get better for you :)

i know how you feel. my bf is perfect and i love him to death but the only thing that drives me crazy is his psyco of a mother. she is so damn controlling and were bith grown. but that is crazy i mean going through your phone and reading your messages wth she has some loose screws in her brain. but i hope everything works out for you. its sad that you have the perfect bf with a crazy mother

I had a similar situation. It looks like you posted this 2 years ago, but I'm going to take a chance and reply anyway. What is yours is yours. Period. If you and your ex still love each other, then pray about it. If you believe in God, then Pray - anything that you ask for in prayer, believing, and being thankful, you will receive. Pray about it. Give it to God and he'll work wonders that you'll only be able to give him credit for. Good luck. You deserve the life that you want. So demand it with your thoughts, actions, and prayers. No one can take away from you what is yours.

I'm sorry, *4 years ago

ughhh i know how you feel! my boyfriend is perfect in every aspect EXCEPT for the fact that he has an insane mom. she never leaves us alone, like really b*tch get a freaking life. but luckily i've convinced him to move a few states away from her so when we really settle down, she won't be in the same zip code :)

I know how you feel! My bf's mom isn't crazy to me, but she's just crazy. She's very nice to me, but whenever she gets mad it's like a supernova! She will yell for hours, and she gets mad over nothing! One time she got so mad at my boyfriend that she threw herself on the ground and started thrashing around, screaming. I don't know what to do! I love my boyfriend, but I don't know if I want her to be my future kid's grandma....

omigosh! i totally know how u feel! my bfs mom is a total b**** and idk what to do! she does the same thing to him and i! she snoops throguh our stuff and makes us miserable! ive always treated her with respect and then talks trash about me behind my back! but idc what she says cause i love him and she cant seperate love ;) but sometime i just want to blow up at her, but its long distance.. so she can make it worse...

It gets better if your bf decides to completely cut them off... but that's hard for some guys. I mean, it just makes you want to shoot the ***** point blank, ya know?

yeah My friend Winstons mother is like that. it never gets better trust me.

thank you. thats so nice of you i appreciate it<br />
yeah like shes just totally crazy and i am officially<br />
completely done with them now.