She is a wretched woman. I don't think I've ever met someone so passive aggressive. She expects my boyfriend to do everything for her. EVERYTHING. She was diagnosed with MS when he was in 2nd grade but doesn't do anything to help herself. She eats McDonald's for all 3 meals every day, only drinks unsweet tea, and the only exercise she gets is flipping channels on the remote. She uses her disease as a crutch to get her son to do everything for her. Her other son, my boyfriends brother, works in the gulf and left his 3 year old daughter here with her grandparents and a good for nothing mother, and all she does is sing his praises and compare my boyfriend to him. He can't make her happy no matter what he does. He found a job, finally, after graduating from trade school and not being able to find anything, and she doesn't even say good job or congratulation or antyhing. What does she do? She brings a newspaper over and tells him there are plenty of job listings in it and his brother can always get him on in the gulf. He doesn't want to and doesn't need to go work in the gulf but she's always on him to because that's what his brother did and anything he does is right. It's infuriating. He tells her he's going back to school to get a bachelor's in Biology she doesn't say anything just changes the subject to something slse. She treats my boyfriend like absolute s***. She doesn't even treat him like a son but more like a go to guy, almost like he's expendable. If she needs a light bulb changed, she asks him to do it. If she needs a tow truck to come pick her up, he has to go wait with her. She's asked him to come clean her car out after she traded it in. She asked him to install her internet (which was one of those connect cards you just put in and hit "play" pretty much) and every time she has to move, he's the one that moves her. And all she does is sit there and watch. Doesn't offer any help at all she just watches. I swear it's only a matter of time before she calls him and asks if he can come wipe the poop from her butt. She's always putting guilt trips on him because his dad left her 10 years ago. She's smells like fish and her house smells like dog pee. Not to mention if would qualify for "World's Messiest Home". She's disrespectful of me and my house. She'll put greasy plates on my couch and her styrofoam cup on the couch when there is a table right in front of her. One time I asked her, politely, if she would put her food and drink on the table and not on the couch so she did. But when I took the dog out to pee she put her plate right back on the couch. Oh, that's another thing, the dog. I have this dog because she was killing it. His collar was so tight he was chafing and his skin was about to grow over it. He was the wormiest dog I've ever seen, his kennel she put him in it had poop all over it, and looked like he'd rangled with a coyote. Then she had the audacity to tell me once his collar was too tight! She is such a covert b**** and I'm pretty overt about it when I have to be and soon this is going to come to a very ugly head. My boyfriend is 24 he'll be 25 in December and she texts him every morning. Not one day goes by that he doesn't talk to his Mommy. He's understands how I feel, though, and listens to me and doesn't get mad. He's stopped letting her come over so much, except for when she has to, and he's started standing up for him self a little more. I just want this woman out of my life and the only way to do that is leave my boyfriend which would absolutley break my heart. Dang catch 22s!!
rockasourous rockasourous
Jul 11, 2010