I Hate My Boyfriends Mom

Me and my boyfriend have nearly been going out for 7 months, I thought that everything was fine with us and the things started to crack in mine and his relationship not due to us though but due to his mom now me and his mom did originally get on extremely well but then all of a sudden things started to change she was different I mean if I'm being honest for starters his mom was a bit of a slag she would be going out at weekends and sleeping with people and it got ridiculous. His mom had always been really protective over my boyfriend but at the start I just thought that was a cute thing you know what parents do for each other but after a while it didn't seem right. There was lots of different things involved especially money, she would normally ask my boyfriend for money and he would give it to her or as would just expect and take it and it isn't as easy as him saying no I mean they share the same bank account but the way I have been brought up parents are suppose to be supporting their kids not the other way around, anyway whenever me and my boyfriend did go out she would be there to we would all go out with different people but we would always meet at the same clubs and he would have to get her a taxi home or he would have to do this that or this that for her and I started to get really tired of it and
even when me and my boyfriend didn't go out I would stay at his over the weekend and when we did she would come in at silly o'time in the morning and wake everyone else up so me and him tried to change weekends to my house but then she ends up going missing so we need to be there to make sure she gets in, me and my boyfriend are trying to get a house but I don't think she will be happy about that when we do, I know I haven't put in too much detail but she needs to know everything such as when me and him had a break it's personal it's between you and your partner not their parents and she has to much control over money and what he does and where he goes, I just wish he would grow up and realise that I'm there now I'm there to support him whenever he needs me not her I know it sounds selfish of me but when i hear them arguing or if I'm even in her company I would rather cave my head in with a hammer that's how bad it is to be around her.
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1 Response Jun 13, 2011

omg thats alot u kno his mom acts like a child if anyone really needed there own place is yall to. His mom is a crazy person