I Am Not Your Mother!

So i've been with my boyfriend for five months as of today.
And my boyfriend isn't "constantly" but certainly often enough comparing me to his mother.
Like the other day, I bought a purse.. It's a cute little Betsey Johnson bag.
He sees it and says "You know, this is kind of preppy? I thought you didn't care for preppy things? If your looking for a nice bag then I can ask my mother and she can probably tell you what kind of bags are nice..."
0.0 I bought the bag because I liked it.. not because I was trying to look "nice"
It's just little things like this that annoy the absolute fudge out of me.
OH and another thing.. he's always talking about how men check his mother out.. which I think is just creepy that he even watches for men staring at her 0.0
Every time I mention my diet he talks about how his wonderful mother did it.. she is a size zero.. and I've seen the woman eat she has a ridiculous metabolism!!! I've lost 28lbs and I feel like I'm doing pretty well but he's always trying to encourage me to work out.
I just feel like he wants me to be his mother.. and I am not nor will I ever be a 104lb 5'1 mexican spitfire with a great butt like her!
She is just so absolutely rude and not to mention picky and judgmental of everyone and everything!
What is a 132lb 5'6 white female who gains all her fat in her belly to do Dx
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2 Responses Mar 23, 2012

I cannot believe how similar our situations are! I am also constantly being compared to the mother! Actually, when we first met, he told me that people were always mistaking his mother for his gf. Um... weird! He also talks about how small and petite she is and how she wears certain brands and carry designer bags. He even compared my bra size to his moms.. super weird! First I was like, okay.. he loves his momma, but then it just started getting weird. She would join us on road trips, movie nights, and dine out with us. I began to feel like the other woman in the relationship. She would also get jealous if he ever bought me gifts (even in our anniversary) so he'd have to make sure to get her something too. It's extremely annoying..

I know how you feel my bf says.my mom has three kids like you and shes in grest shape