I Do Not Even Know What To Do Anymore...

I have been dating my boyfriend for about 10 months, and we get along pretty well. I thought at first we would not stand a chance since he grew up in a Christian home, and I in different foster homes. We did start "dating" before his parents even knew. His parents are fairly strict Christians. Getting to know them has been quite the battle, but it turns out his father is pretty laid back once you get to know him. However, his mother is another story. It is not that she is directly against our relationship, but man, she makes it difficult. She constantly treats her 20 year old son like a child. She has to know where he is, what he is doing, who he is with, and how long he will be there. My boyfriend has to text her when he leaves his house, when he gets to his destination, and when he leaves.

Making plans with my boyfriend can be very difficult at times, because he has to ask his parents every time. If our plans happen to conflict with his parents plans, he always has to go with his family, does not even matter what we have planned. His parents, especially his mother is so protective of him. I have tried my best to compromise with them. In fact, I did, in the beginning, do a lot of family things with him.

I understand he does live at home, and therefore kind of under their rules but this is getting so irritating! In fact, his mother spoiled my surprise Christmas to him tonight, hence why I am on here looking to vent!

Any ideas?
dragonfly9293 dragonfly9293
Dec 10, 2012