She Is My Polar Opposite.

My boyfriend and I have been on and off for a few years and I know I shouldn't let the way I feel about his mother affect me but I can't help it...I hate her and I don't hate easily. I've been raised by a strong working mother who taught me the value of money...she's on benefits for something which was her fault and is up to her eyeballs in debt. I love my boyfriend but she's making her problems his...I can't deal with it. She's known for months that the letting agreement on her house was nearly out but she's left it until three weeks before the end date to even consider looking for another house...she won't pick one because none of them are to her taste. Now she's being given a council house, which I can't stand even more for the fact that it's this sort of thing that is draining the government of money which could be spent elsewhere. If you can "afford" to spend £300 in one shopping trip, you can afford to pay rent on a house just like other people. He always tries to draft me into outings with his mum and brother and I don't want to be anywhere near her. I live with a few flatmates and he lives at home with her, I literally hate going in the house when she's there because it means I have to be falsely nice to her. The thing I hate about her above all else, she's tried to commit suicide about 5 times since me and my boyfriend have been together and she's also got a 10 year old son. I appreciate that depression is an illness, but perhaps someone who's tried to kill themselves that many times shouldn't be fit to care for a 10 year old and should have to attend therapy. Her readiness to throw her life away so often angers me because I lost someone very close to me who spent so long fighting for their life. I love my boyfriend, but this relationship can't go very far when I can not stand his mother.
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Not to be rude, but you sound very judgemental and mean spirited. It doesn't seem like this woman ever was nasty to you or mistreated you, so I don't really see why you hate her. <br />
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Maybe try to have more empathy for someone who obviously has very serious problems.