The Egyptian Life...

I don't even know where to start. My boyfriend is Egyptian, I am white. We're both 21. I love him so much he's like my best friend. We have the world In common. Since we live an hour and a half away, and I had a not so good home life, his mom told me I could move in with them. So I did. Unaware of how intense it would be.
Rule 1: No tank tops, no short shorts. No cleavage, no short dresses.
Rule 2: Don't get up from the table till the entire family is done eating. If you dont talk to momma, She will get pissy. We all sit there in silence. Staring at each other. (That's not how I was raised, we watched tv or something) were loud and fun! (Boyfriend LOVES my crazy fun family by the way)
Rule 3: I have to go into mommas room and say hello to her EVERYTIME I come down the stairs. Cause it's disrespectful to not acknowledge her, or she will flip out on my boyfriend telling him how rude I am.
Rule 4: eat everything on your plate, I've begged them to let me fix my own plate, I'm old enough to do that I think, mom MUST serve it to me. I'm not a whale like her, so I can't eat as much as she does.
Rule 5: No hugging, kissing, holding hands. Sleeping in the same room, yeah.

Let me add- His mom and his father are divorced, but the father lives upstairs, where me and my boyfriend stay. He's living there cause she won't get off her fat *** and get a job. Because she is FAT she considers herself disabled...

My boyfriend is looking for a different job so we can both have daytime jobs and get an apartment. When she found out we planned on moving, she flipped out. My boyfriend says she's extremely jealous of me cause he's her boy, and he's also the man of the house. Nobody likes the father. EVERYTIME she hears us laugh or have a good time, she screams and yells and cries like a psycho.When he takes me out to eat or something she calls him and makes him bring her food, she wont cook except for the weekends. other than that me and my boyfriend cook. She yells at my boyfriend cause I won't go downstairs with the crazy woman while he's at work all night. She stays up all night, maybe I wanna sleep???
I have this other problem, where she speaks Arabic around me at the dinner table, or EVERYTIME me and my boyfriend sit with her, she speaks perfect English, I get pissed and offended so I get up and leave, EVERYTIME! Then he and I fight and then of course she is pissed at me.
Well anyways, I got tired of sitting down there with her cause she made me tend to her every need. All she did was talk **** about her own son (my boyfriend) and how he's a lazy loser. He's not, she probably hasn't looked In the mirror. So id hold my tongue, get up and leave her.
She's constantly yelling and screaming and She has this ear piercing screech when she cries after her feelings have been hurt, which doesn't take much. So I got to where I hide upstairs. I don't reply when she yells my name. It's caused me and my boyfriend to fight alot. He doesn't like her either, but it's his mom. We've been together for 2 years, I know he's the one and he's perfect. Our relationship is perfect till mom butts in. We talk about marriage and all of that, how do you live with/marry/ have kids with someone who's family you want to KILL? How does this work??? I moved back home yesterday. I missed the relaxing and loving atmosphere of my family and my brother. I missed the American food and the laughter. My country *** hick family lol
But I've left the person I love ALONE, at that house, with crazy woman. He can't quit his job till he finds a new one, so ill be working over here till that happens, why do i feel like the whole year I lived with them was such a waste? Now ill live to resent his family... I didn't want that at all.
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By the way not all of them like that I'm Egyptian

My advice to you is to site all of you together and talk politely and find a way to deal with each other.
Specially if you suggested to your boyfriend to do that he will appreciate you so much.

Also to embarrass her with your kindness infront of him which is the most important thing like saying I want to have your bless mother and to treat each other in a good way or kind of i come in pease something like that

if you need help let me know .
Best of luck😉

That doesn't mean that I'm on her side but you don't want to make it much more complicated so it is better to treat her like a big chiled ... Just for the sake of your boyfriend

Yikes, sounds rough, I'd probably hate her, too. Yes, she's from a different culture, with different customs and ideals -- that doesn't make her bullshit any easier to handle. It's also rough because her craziness is causing you and your boyfriend to fight, and putting a strain on your relationship. I'm sorry you have to put up with her, hopefully the two of you will find a way to make it work without her being too involved in your lives.