Annoying Drinks Controlling And A *****

when I first met my boyfriends mom i was like WOW I LOVE HER SHES SO COOL. then things went downhill she gave us a lecture that ended with -You and david are only freshman in college, and hes 19, hes going to travel (airforce rotc) and i expect alot more girls to walk through my door. this was the 2nd time seeing her.

then over xmas break his 11 month ex came over with xmas cookies for the family and the mom took her out to a concert-its not a big deal b/c im not insecure but leads me to believe she still loves the ex-they were together 11 months and we are on 6 months.

she is controlling and asked him if we have had sex and treats me like a little girl with no respect, its either her way or no way.

I am not a follower and my parents love david and treat me like an adult with all the responsibilities but my bf's mom is so nosy and insecure about herself. she talks 24/7 and fetches for compliments or wants a pity party. im just so fed up with her. I will state my opinions unlike his ex who agreed with everything she said and they had hour long convo's. im the artistic outside the box go with the flow. His mom cant be still and has to be doing something or talking about her life etc. IM SO FED UP WITH HER!!!!

tatiamb tatiamb
18-21, F
Mar 8, 2010