Just A Rant

We used to be really close friends. We met when I was in middle school and she is two years older than me. I am twenty now. She became the president of a group and took her leader role so serious that even though I made a mistake when I fooled around with my boyfriend on a trip, she told on me and kept a grudge!!!! She was all nice to my boyfriend the next day but wouldn't even look at me!!! Ever since then she would get onto me in group events about not doing anything when many others weren't doing nothing too but would not say anything to them!!!! I know when we were friends she liked to talk about people behind their back to all her friends and we have the same friends. Knowing her she talked about me because those same "friends" drifted away from likely of her views of me. She is soooo close to my boyfriend and she recently got hurt and when I didn't ask about her my boyfriend immediately broke up with up. Our dislike to each other affects my relationship. We got back together but it turned out he has to drive her to school two hours away and everyday driving for her to wherever she wants and taking my time with him!
clh14gir clh14gir
May 9, 2012