Anti ***** pills for christmas?

She's bat **** crazy! She walked into our house (she is 3 years younger than me, 5 years younger than her brother), and was pissed off that we had chosen to get a dining set more suitable for a family instead of keeping a bar height table and chairs... She gave me a dirty look, asked where the table was, then walked around the house to critique it (we've been living together since May of this year, she's been over quite a few times). She is rude to me non stop, even belittles my job (I refinish furniture), she called me a "glorified recycler" ... In my own home, then proceeded to talk over me to my boyfriend whenever I would try to talk... because we really care about how you went to gay bars with a bunch of girls... She has even asked if I drank while I was pregnant... REALLY?! My daughter is advanced for her age! These examples only scratch the very surface of how ignorant she is. My boyfriend has tried to make excuses for her, saying that it's her ADD, she doesn't have a filter... What...?... She HAS a filter, because she knows better than to say anything rude when her parents are around... She knows exactly how much of a b*tch shes being because she will only do it in front of my boyfriend or when we've been alone! Should I call her out on being a b*tch the next time she's at our house, or let it slide and vent to my boyfriend after she leaves!? I'm tired of her! I've talked to friends about everything, and what they think is that she has some crazy crush on her brother and feels that I am taking him away from her and she doesn't like it... Is that normal?!?!
girlnextdo0r girlnextdo0r
22-25, F
Sep 20, 2012