Mutterings Under Breath

I try hard to like my boyfriend's family, I really do. And for the most part, I do. Sure his brother is often racist and trolls a lot, but I deal with it.

But it completely chips away at my self worth when his sister decides to be mean. Because while his brother and I just argue straight out heatedly and then immediately get over it, she is in the business of tact and stealth. You know, how girls tend to interact. Backhandedly.

There are things that annoy me about her, such has how she is immature and a brat, but nothing compares to my hatred of her snide remarks.

There have been a lot of times where I've felt personally victimized or picked on specifically, but the absolute worst was Thanksgiving. We had a family dinner, and I was there for Thanksgiving because my family doesn't usually do anything and I live far away from them. She would constantly turn to my boyfriend or other family members and put down my actions or my thoughts or who I was while I sat across the table from her, subtly but obvious enough that other people picked up on it. She did that the entire night.

And then the next day she acted as if nothing had happened.

Maybe I am taking it too personally, but it is hard not to when the animosity is directed very pointedly at you and no one else. I wasn't even the only non-family member in the room, but she chose to constantly critique me, and in the most bitchy way ever. I hate it.
silvrstar515 silvrstar515
22-25, F
Dec 7, 2012