Boyfriend's Sister Posted Nasty Things About Me On Her Fb.

Hi. This is kind of a long story since I'm a very descriptive person. So, thanks for your time.

Well, me and my boyfriend have been dating for 10 months now. I met his sister (she's the second one) when she moved from one state to another, which is where we all live now.
We did not "click" , but we did some short talking at the begining. She is engaged to a guy who has never done anything for himself, she quit school. In other words, she and her boyfriend are nothing but a trashy couple.
When they came to live here, they spent a few months living at my boyfriend's parents house until they both got a job and found their own place.
My boyfriend has been complaining because his mother takes care of his nephew ALL THE TIME, his nephew doesnt even go to a daycare and his sister does not even give some money as a gratitude to her mom for taking care of her kid. She just leaves the kid at her mother's and goes to work or even when she has a day off. Today, my boyfriend told her that she was exploiting their mom and tha she didnt take care of her own children. Apparently, she got mad and posted a really nasty status on her Fb. Since my boyfriend is not working right now, she used that as an excuse to offend him. She wrote: "I like how you are talking **** about me but you can say whatever at least I dont live with my parents and have a job. I have made something of myself and I'm only 22. Wtf do you have? Nothing and you are 24 oh yeah at least you have a girlfriend who is only with you because of your money yep i said it and i dont give a ****. And not evn that, you are the only guy that would ever get with that thing that you call girlfriend. All you do is live out my parents and take their money to support your so called girlfriend". When I read this I burst into tears. I might not look like a model but ahe didnt have to call me "a thing".She unfriended us from FB afterwards. Many people even my boyfriend's ex is going to read that. How could she? That's a mean thing to do to a person who has done anything to you. How could I be with her brother for money? He is not even working and i have been with him all this time, even after he stopped working. Their parents are not rich, they are even losing their house. He doesnt support me and I I have never asked him for money or favors. I'm not that kind of woman. How could she say that about me? I love him and she is lying. My in laws have always been nice to me. She ia the one who hates me. I dont know what to do. This really hurt me. I already told my boyfriend who didnt notice the her status and he says he plans to talk to his parents and to her by tomorrow. I dont even want to see her again.
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I am sure that you are not the only person that know about this girl's character...all of FB knows by now. Although it does hurt to be badmouthed by someone, remember that when it only comes from one or a few people, then it is jealousy. When it comes from everyone, a self check is in order. Don't worry about his ex...he isn't with her. He is with you. And the fact that a man is humble enough to go to his parents for help to make sure that you are taken care of speaks volumes of his love for you (men are very very prideful). Your boyfriend is going to need your support if he is standing up to his sister's behavior...she is just trying to deflect the attention away from her own mess. So hold your head up and have your man's back. Whatever happens, don't let her see how much she affects you and don't have a war of words with her on FB. I pray the best for you.

Thank you so much. You just made see the light at the end of the tunnel. You are completely right. I think I feel better now.