Sometimes I Just Want To Break His Non-exsistent Spine In Two

Don't get me wrong I love my little brother to bits...when he isn't been a perverted, spineless, moronic little tosser. When he is around his mates he is the worst, he is openly disrespectful, he delights in showing me up just to get a laugh out of his mates and anyone else. But thing is his mates don't act like that, so who the frack is he trying to impress, certainly not me, I am far from it. Then he talks to me like ****, he bosses me around, expects me to do everything for him. He makes me so angry, but I cannot let that anger out because "he is a kid, and I'm an adult" so I supress it, I mean my sister is ignorant as hell sometiems, but at least she won't go out of her way to show me up, he just doesn't care.
So many times I want to hit him, so much and so hard...and yet I don't.
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May 5, 2012