My Brother; The Psycho

My brother is insane. He thinks everyone is out to get him and that everything is someone elses problem an never takes responsibility. He constantly belittles me a physically and emotionally abuses me for absolutely no reason. Yes, sometime I might aggravate him but it's because I have to defend myself! He does nothing for me and never stops our dog when it ransacks my room or the house, I constantly have to clean after him and do his wash and make him food just to try and keep him in a normal mood, I'm 14 and he's 18 and I'm the one with a job where I work 62 hours a month while all he does is ask for money from my parents. For 2 years he was addicted to oxy and was in and out of rehabs and went to British Columbia, he stole over 4000 from parents and has almost split them up several times. For the past 2 christmas's he has run away for weeks at a time, same with mothers day. On every birthday that I can remember he has made me cry and ended up ruining it somehow. He has given me 4 stitches from punching me in the face and almost took out my eye. He can't graduate high school because he lost so many credits while getting high and I will have to go to school with him for the next 2 years when all I want is to get away from him. He constantly tells people I never shower although I have one almost everyday, calls me fat, tells me to die and won't let any boys talk to me so all guys are afraid to talk to me. He's almost went to jail for stealing a gun last year.
He gets everything he wants because my parents have to give it to him because they want him to get better and not run away again, he's had 5 iPods, an iPhone, and has a motorcycle. I had the same iPod for about 4 years and have no mode of transportation. He also gets me into trouble for everything when I hardly do a thing!
My brother is also a compulsive liar, he lies about every single thing even when it's obvious he's lying, he picks everything he wants to hear and remember so everyone is always wrong. He says I think I'm better than him, and sometimes I do, I take academic classes, have a job, don't get into trouble, have a good group of friends and I know what I want in life. But I know it's wrong because no one is worth more than another. God says not to hate anyone but sometimes it's so extremely hard with my brother.
Someone give me advice pleaseee.
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1 Response May 20, 2012

I have a brother who is very annoying, but now that i have read your story I think of him differently. I don't know any good advice but i'll try my best to help :) If you ever need to talk to me just ask.