I am the youngest in my family, having two older brothers and an oldest sister. The brother immediately above me (3-4 years older) is the bane of my existence. Growing up, we would constantly fight, which went from bullying when i was young and the size difference between us was an issue. Once i got older though, I started fighting back, and we'd go at it constantly, both verbally and physically.
The last time I saw him (and hopefully will ever see him) was about 6 months ago (i want to say Jan/Feb 2012). He was visiting my parents, with whom I live. There was a confrontation over his questionable parenting, and it ended with me and him being held back. Me by my father, him by his wife. It's sad, because once upon a time, I saw him as my rival of sorts, but now it's just pure hatred.
shadowno shadowno
22-25, M
Jul 30, 2012