Al: Freak Mind Reader, I Hate U The Most.

i hate my brother...
Al, is 13 years older than me. yes, he sure is one irritating, mr.-i-know-everything.
He always sees me as if im still 10 years old.
I'll be doom if i misbehave and not being a lady-like.
When it comes to boyfriend, i better not be thingking of getting one until i finished my college, get a well paid job and learnt on how to cook for at least 20 different meals/ recipes.
What's in my phone, is in his hand.
He doesn't need to ask me questions like-"Who are u texting?", "where are u going, with whom and what time are u coming back?", "whose that guy that uve been talking about?"....Pffttt...All that he needs to do is just look straight into my eyes and seek through the answers like a freak mind reader.

But i do know bout one thing: Al will always be besides me, no matter what. :D
Thats why i 'hate' u so much...
U dont think that i'll say - i love u- rite? it's too gross, bro.

p/s:We are not a big fan of vegies, so he wont scold me if i dont eat them. :P
teay teay
22-25, F
Jan 9, 2013