My Brother Is a User

He's my half brother we got the same Farther and he's 13 years older than me. he was jealous cause Dad raised my sister And younger brother and me. Dad moved us every where every 90 days we moved to another town one year we lived in 4 states. his mother divorce Dad because of that. Well every time Dad helped him he would cause trouble steel from him or lie about him or worst call my Mother bad names. he got him out trouble with the law twice. now he is in prison he got 65 years for rape. he demands money. he write his kids calling their mothers ******. he would beat them and made them have sex for money. he been married two times since he been in prison he made them send him money every week and write him every day and see him every week. one died of Aids he ***** about us all.

dino1968 dino1968
Feb 23, 2009