Cant Stand My Brother

I think I will forever hate my brother. why ??
because I know his true colors and I hate it.
hes a kiss up and follower.(just like my dad)
hes my parents favorite. how do I know?
my mother told me.(*****)
I cant stand him and hes fake forced laughter
hes a ******* liar and my parents knows all the bad things hes done and their fine with it.

he would come home high and parents would act like they dont even notice it.
he always ******* buts in to my arguments with my parents and ******* attacks me too.

I use to like him but then I find out how he really is.

asbeautydies asbeautydies
18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 8, 2010

thatsucks, sounds like my sister

Ouch! Thats sounds like my brother! Are we related? :)