I Hate My Sister's Husband!

So my brother in law (my sister's husband) is the world's biggest jackass, I really cant stand him, either can my family. so they have been married for 8 years now with two kids, he hits her, and threatens the kids with a belt, and hits them sometimes, one time he hit his 3 year old son with a bely just because he said he wasnt hungry and didnt want to eat dinner, what type of man does that huh!
My whole family hates him, but for some stupid reason my sister still "loves" him even though he hits her and ignores her, and never appreciates anything she does. we all love her and the kids that is why we try to stand him, but i personally cannot take it anymore, i feel like one of these days i will STAB that dumbass!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I know the feeling, my sister is married to this piece of **** jack *** ***** that I never liked since the day I laid eyes on him, hes one of those people that knows how to wrap people around his piece of **** small finger but not me good thing is that I know how to read people (I know it sounds stupid) but its true! she is in the verge of getting divorced, they have been separated for 3 years not and he is trying to convince her to get back together ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I hate this so much! I wish he would just disapear or the earth would eat him alive!!!!!!!! I am sorry sorry God for having so much hate but this person has made me this way!

i bet they must be enjoying sex very much. I used to know a woman, who quarreled with her boyfriend every time when they dated and left him with fury, came back to him again and again just in order to have sex with him. So i gotta say your brother in law is a real good sex machine.

Ironically, we have the similar story for the two BILs that we have! One married for 30+ years had been a trauma for his wife and kids, passed away due to cancer to the relief of everyone! He used to hit my sister & kids on regular basis. She used to came home with black eyes or bruises. They had frequent nights where the whole family was kept awake per force to listen to his grumblings about everyone!<br />
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The other one unfortunately is equally nut case, married for 20+ years with 2 daughters. Not only the wife gets beaten up by the teen girls have to suffer verbal and physical abuse on regular basis. He has no work! Has been diagnosed with HepC recently and in bad shape but the deteriorating health and close death even does not change the mind!

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sorry i mean he hit his son with a belt