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I Cant Stand My Sisters Husband

i cant stand to be around my sisters husband for more than 10 minutes, all he does is run his mouth about anything and everything, he thinks hes knows it all. he down grades everyone, he treats people like ****. he treats everyone like their stupid.  he likes to fight with everyone and anyone. he's got the idea every man should work and the woman be the house wife and do all the house work and take of the kids while he sits on his fat ***! he hates that me and my sister argue sometimes,  like the other day me and my sister get into it over her kids.. he comes over starts threatening me.. saying im not nothing but a lazy piece of **** and im not a man and hes gonna rip my heart out or shoot me or whatever. im like screw you, just because your married to my sister doesnt mean i have to talk to you or even like you
dsa999 dsa999 26-30 4 Responses Oct 1, 2010

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Same here he's a former marine and works in a jail and he said the next time I lay a hand on my sister he will break my hand and if I tell anyone he will beat the **** out of me but idc so help me please

My brother in law is ex marine too. What is it about the Marines that turns men into ********?

Hey there...<br />
I just read your post and I just thought I should let you know, I am working on a new documentary style TV show about families dealing with the types of issues you describe here. It will be airing on a major cable network this coming Spring/Summer. ba<x>sed on what you've written I think your family could really benefit from participating. It's a really positive show that aims to bring families closer together! I would love hear more about what your dealing with and tell you more about this new series. <br />
Please feel free to get in touch with me directly,<br />
<br />
Amy<br /> <br />
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**** YOU *******... I'm in the position where your husband is, and I'll tell you, you're not a man, you're white trash, a tarnish on everyone you sissy golden boy *******. go vaseline your *** for your manfriend you stupid *****. I ******* hate all brothers in law thanks to my in law being a complete jerk. he comes home and starts yapping his mouth about everything and treats people like **** and pretends he's 'superior' just because he goes to...SCHOOL, at 18! the little ***** thinks he's so damn smart with his sissy girly 'artsy fartsy' bullshit... he likes to draw men naked... he PREFERS men over women... man what a beast that boy is...<br />
yesterday he brought a load of friends over for his 'birthday', they trashed the room we've been decorating for the past YEAR, left muddy stains all over the chairs and cushions, clumps of earth trailing into the kitchen, cans of beer strewn everywhere. that little mofo smoked up in there and now he's too lazy to clean it up.<br />
then he argues with my wife (his sister) and all i can do is keep myself from smacking him in the face for his retardedness, thank god he's 18 now so he isn'ta minorany i CAN kick his *** with a wooden plank.<br />
<br />
thebest part waswhen i met my monster in law, for the first time, all she could do was tell me about JOHN, john this john that, john everything.... I got the impression i was getting engaged to john.... my monster in law disregards my wife completely now, anddoesn't even treat her like she's her own,the poor girl cries all the time as a result because she lost herdad when she was little and now her own mother neglects her. <br />
ofcourse who'sgot to bear all this, no-one but me! <br />
fuc mothers in laws! **** brothers in laws! i want them allDEAD! grrr

is there anything wrong with a stay at home dad, which is saving me and wife about 1000 a month?