Glad I Found This Website

Awash with the thrill of having "unfriended" my brother in law from my Facebook page. Too bad I can't expunge him from my real life at the same time. I've always distrusted my brother inlaw but during this year's holidays, I realize that my feelings have crystallized into hate.

My sister used to be a perfectly normal person before she met this guy....with all a normal person's faults. Enter my brother-in-law. My sister is completely obsessed with him and their special church now. She now believes that vampires exist and that all the media fascination with vampire shows is really a cover to get people to consider the possibility of sharing the world with vampires before the vampires finally reveal themselves to us in our (real) world. She believe Obama truly IS the antichrist (note that we are a family of Democrats btw). My parents paid for her tuition (5 years, including post graduate work) and then supported both her and her husband for the last two years while he was in business school. Don't let the "business school" part fool you into thinking the lights are on upstairs. His GMAT score was I wont reveal the name of the school he went to. My Mum turned sixty and we gave a big birthday party for her......with friends and relatives from all around the country. Guess who lived two hours away but didn't show? When I asked my sister why neither her or her husband didn't come, she said her husband was usher at their church that Sunday so they couldn't come. I pointed out that she could have tried to come given everything my mum had done for her and her husband. Well, she said, she didn't ask her to pay for all that stuff for them...that was entirely my mum's choice and she didn't feel she owed her anything. The year my sister and this bonehead got engaged, he insisted on making the Thanksgiving turkey....I usually do it, but he just absolutely insisted. A year later, when they were married, I asked him if he'd be interested in making the turkey and he told me I'd thoroughly insulted him and his stature and everything he stood for etc., speechless. Things got to a head this holiday period. We needed to raise money for my Dad's healthcare costs. My brother in law refused to discuss their involvement. He and my sister completely sabotaged the discussions and walked off without helping my Dad. I know my sister is officially an idiot but she's my sister and I can't hate her entirely. But him....ARGHHHHHHHH......him I just want to kick down a rocky mountain side!!
Nonchalanto Nonchalanto
Nov 27, 2011