Makes Me Just Wana Puke!

My sister married this waiste of space. She is sooooooooo smart. So how'd the hell did she wind up with this piece of dog poop under my feet! First of all, they live with my Dad because he refuses to get another job so that they can save to move out on their own. 2nd, he claims that putting her on his medical insurance would be too much money per week for him to spend, so he'll let her go through the charity care system, make her get a 2nd job along with the one she has now. She has severe childhood diabetes and other health problems. She can not do the same things others can do. 3rd, he eats us out of a house and home. Eat eat eat and well? Eat. He's about 500 pounds of fat! It's repulsive looking at him! 4th, Every single day, he's gonna do this, he's gonna do that. But he does zilch zippo notta! He has severe sleep apnea and keeps everyone up at night with his snoring. He'll sleep sleep and sleep all day if you let him. And that ******* xbox? Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww God, do not take away his xbox............................ We went to a family friend's house for Thanksgiving. He decided to help himself to 3 heaping platesful of food! How can someone just leach off society is way beyond me! He'll kep everyone awake at night by doing his laundry at 10 o'clock, when he clearly has all day to do laundry on the weekend. Thank God, I have a half decent boyfriend. He is a corporate lawyer at the bank where I work. He divorced his wife to be with me. We bought a condo together near work so I won't have to put up with that leach of a brother in law much longer. When I told them I was moving, he and my baby sister had a fit. He mooches off my Father, eats my Dad's food and never replaces what he eats, it's awful! My sister is sooooooooo encredibly smart. Why the hell did she wind up with this dud leach of a husband! My Mom and Dad, they had to pay for their entire wedding, because most of his family is either in jail, or can not afford to live life! Even my boyfriend, graduated with honors from college and law school. I am visually impaired, and so he feels that's prime reason to take advantage of me by putting food that him and my sister eat, in my shopping cart. Had my boyfriend not seen this, I'd have never known. My boyfriend, hates this man's gutts.

At my Mom's funeral, my boyfriend described to me, that he wore a shirt that didn't fit him, and tight suit pants. My boyfriend offerd him one of his suit jackets however, that too, did not fit. This person is a disgrace to our family. I am frustrated, and I cannot wait until our condominium is ready so we can move into it!
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OMG. This almost describes my sister's husband exactly! I am currently living with my parents just until I get back on my feet, and my sister, her husband, their 3 kids and their dog moved back in a few months ago. I didn't want them to because we've lived with them before, but, of course, they gave the whole "We've changed. It won't be like last time" speech to my parents and they caved. Let me just's been absolutely TERRIBLE. Her husband, granted he has a "job", is the laziest person I've ever met in my entire life. He claims that because he makes money (which is a stupid sales job that really has no real income) that it's his and his alone. He doesn't want my sister to have any of it, that she doesn't work hard or do anything with her life. Apparently, staying at home all day taking care of 3 children isn't good enough for him. And when he's home, he sits on his phone playing games or on his PlayStation! He basically thinks that he should be rewarded for "working". On top of that, when they moved in, he said he would mow our lawn, pay half of the bills, and blah, blah, blah. But what has he done in the 4 months they've been here? NOTHING. And he calls my crippled dad lazy? This jerk...

And he and my sister fight constantly. In fact, I finally told him how I felt. And now my sister is blaming ME for him leaving, when that's all he does. He leaves every chance he gets and tells my sister he's getting a divorce and taking the kids away from her. I couldn't take him verbally abusing her anymore, but she's already so beaten that she begs for him to come back every time he walks out on her. It's so sad, but there's no getting through to her. I don't know what to even do anymore. I wish I could move out, but I'm unemployed and having a hard time finding a job. I love my family, but my brother-in-law...I've never liked him. I got a bad feeling from him the moment I met him 5 years ago. The only good thing that's come out of their broken relationship are their children.