Spoiled Brat

I really can stand my brother inlaw but I have to prestend to keep the peace.

He is the youngest child, has his father's name and just thinks the sun shine out of his *&%*. My hisband loves his broker and I would hate to be the one that breaks up their realtionship.

Where do I start.

Last christmas. I had a disposable camera. It was our son's first christmas so Iwanted to get memories with oth set of grandparents.  JJ took the camera(didnt ask) even after I explained why I need this and started snapping away. Even though he has a celphone with all the latest gadgets.(it always need to be THE gadgets. I ended up not having taken pics with my son and my family. My dad died two months later and I have no pics with my dad and my son.

Next- He moved in with my myself and my husand for a while.( easier to travel to work).Sometimes I work very late but my husand have a good set-up the way we work it out. When I get home 8 @ night. Little bro is standing and waiting for me. What's for supper. Telling me he will wait till I am done. (WTF). His mother spoiled him to much and expects all women to wait hand and foot on him. I must make his sandwiches. And then he u=just moved out 1 day with out telling us. everytime just pitching up with his friend to come fetching sumthing and tehn they all stay having a party @ my house.

the cherry on top. He wanted to have his 21st at our house. No problem. it's his 21st special occasion. My only stipulation was. I want a clean house afterwards. the day after the 21st I went away for 2 weeks. So imagine my horror when I found out .He locked the key into the house. So we needed to call in a locksmith. Do you think he offered to pay??? NO and he never cleaned me house with vomit in the bathroom. So this is waht we walked into when we came back from our holday. I didnt speak to for 2 motnhs after heavy pressure from the fam to forgive and forget.

I just cant stand being aroung him. He irritates the crap out of me. He hits my son for bullshit and my husband keeps telling not to lose my temper.

His mother told me after I spoke to after th21st story made it seem like it was my fault as the the 21st should never have happened in that unchristian manner. So it was my fault that I got home to disgusting house and a locksmith's bill.

His mother is a nice person it's just that JJ cant do anything bad in her eyes.


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Lonely life is right. You better stop cleaning up after him. I have actually caught myself not feeding my fiance when I come home from work, just because the thought of his brother waiting there and expecting me to feed him and give him anything I give my baby is too insulting to stomach. Just care for yourself and your husband, don't let him treat you like you owe him anything just because you love his brother.

OMG! They all need to wake up to him! They are not helping him. Sounds like he is going to have a lonely life!!!

My whole family is that way. I am the one that does everything wrong, always in their eyes, and they never make mistakes. So the only thing I can say - Is try to explain to your husband the deal, and try to get him to see what the bro. in law does. As for him being spoiled - Let him be spoiled. He can be spoiled, whine and cry all he likes. Don't mean you have to give in to his lazy ***. Good luck with it.