I Love My Brother In Love....right!

ok so my sister dated this guy for about 5 years, he proposed to her and promised her a brand new lexus and he said he was going to buy a huge piece of land to build their home. To make the long story short, they got married, he said he was making payments for his house, then he said that the owner sold the house....what does that mean?he lied about owning the house...he ends up moving into the house that MY DAD bought for me and my two siblings. He didn't pay rent for a year, my dad was annoyed about that fact, until he got tired and started asking for $600 a month. The first month he was late by almost two weeks, the second month, which is now, its the 22nd....no rent yet.....he is a contractor, and he says he has so much work, he is always tired, and he is always home, everytime he is on the computer which is like 8 hours a day..."hes doing paperwork".....my sister works two jobs and has two children, it seems like his husband is her new born, she has a masters degree, she is a nice person. I don't get it, why do women like men like this garbage? now, I cant sit in my living room because this idiot is watching tv all the time...I cant stand him!!!!!!!!now the only place i feel that is mine is my bedroom, and even before everytime i came back from work this idiot would be in my room, printing out stuff, and using the internet. hes like 37, im 23, and honestly, im like 37 times more mature than him. He cant afford to pay 600 dollar rent on a 3000sq ft + home, its just an estimate, my dad ends up paying like 1000 dollars every month for a house he doesnt even live in.my sister pays another 600,she has two children to feed and clothe, plus a 37 year old child....and this 37 year old child cannot pay 600 a month???????hes not making car payments, no children......by the way....my sister owns a home depot card, why would she own one?ummmm because my brother in law already went over his credit card limit, or maybe because he was not approved for one....on top of that, he bought an autotrader magazine, hes looking for a truck....im like dude...you cant even pay rent....pay my dad first,in advanced please!my dad just told me today that hes been calling my b-i-l and he wont pick up..I can't forget to mention this...he told my relatives at a party he has a million dollars!!!im like wtf, gimme 600 +30 for a non sufficient funds check you gave my dad. my dads at a point where hes considering  askim my poor sister to leave, but he feels so bad and frustrated about it....he says in spanish "pobrecita mi hija".....wait......he says he was an undercover cop, his mom a former police officer...when we met her the first time, which was the wedding day, she said she used to work as a clerk at a probation office, and now she sells tamales for a living, i dont blame her, she doesnt have anything to do with this...but why does he say stuff like that? he also said he was going to become a doctor, he went to college for 6 years.....but he decided to be a contractor with no contracts. when he doesnt work, hes just sitting at the couch instead of at least go to home depot and stand there like the rest of people that want to work ( i dont have anything against that) my point is....when you need money, you act quickly, not just stand there waiting for money to rain from the sky, or by buying 1 dollar lottery tickets every day like him....ok thats enough, i got a little expressive but I decided i wanted to share part of my story....i only said about 1/3 of what i really have to say.....I LOVE MY BROTHER IN LAW!!!!

pakito1 pakito1
22-25, M
Feb 22, 2010