Haiting Harold

I cant STAND him. Okay im only 14 going on 15 next month but i live with My Sister (33) and her Husband (35) during the week to go to school. Here are just a few things he does:

1. checks my trash (to make sure im not eating in my room)

2. tell my nephews and niece (2 boys  and 1 girl) they dont have to obey me when im am the only one there, because they (my sister and HIM!!) are at work.

3. When my sister isnt their he doesnt let te childrn down stairs wit me (as if  im a bad influence)

Dont get me wrong, he is not always bad but 85% of the time he is a BI#@TCH

tct52057 tct52057
13-15, M
Mar 5, 2010