Hate Him

I don't speak with my lil bro almost 2 month. Even, I ignore him. Actually it happened several times, but this time is the last time. We can get along as sibling. He never respect me as his sister. He can be so cruel to me. If I tell you about his cruelty, you might be understand why I hate him a lot.
He called me worst names like " a dog" for simple things, even he's called me "a *****".
He accused me so badly for something that I didn't do. He yelled at me and broke my door with his leg. I cried on the floor and asked him to believing me. I put my dignity to get his trust.
And the last time, he was mad like a monster to my mother coz she didn't borrow him a car. Even, he told my mom "did you (my mom) believe that he (my dad) went out of town only for business?"..everything that related to my dad as a cheater although it's in blur context, but I possible sure my mom bit understand. It made me angry...coz only for a car he (my bro) could hurt my mom by telling her about my dad. I said to him on sms (my bro) I rather to die than telling my mom about that. He's crazy than he also attack me through his mean words. That night, I didn't care about his words to me, but I couldn't accept his words to my mom especially told something that we should hide from our mom. I felt he's tooooooo muchhhhhhh.......he's not a human.....
Enough....enough....he's not my brother anymore....I don't care anymore....I don't care even it something happened to him.....
Lumina25 Lumina25
70+, F
Aug 2, 2010