The Yelling Brother

He's stronger than me. He talks to much. He's 22. He's annoying me so much. He always yells at me and i hate that.

Just now, i had a fight with him. He knocked me out by glared and yelled at me. I really need my dad's help to separate us cause my dad was standing next to my brother but he didn't do anything to defend me.
my mom was at work at that moment.
I was just want to borrow his charger. I went upstairs and i took the charger, then i showed him and asked him for permission. He shouted at me "No." Okay i understood, then i went back downstairs for look for another one. I found another charger in couple minutes. My brother came to me and took it away harshly. He said "why do you always have to borrow things from people?just use yours!" then i said "sorry but my charger is broken and i need that" he yelled "when i said no it means no, rebuttal denied" and i said slowly "why do you always have to yell at me?you're not proper treating me like that.." he glared at me then said "whatever" it hurted me a lot
What should i do to make my brother stop yelling?i need a help:(
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brothers are like that... mine is no better

You can't make anyone do anything, but you can try having a conversation at a time when things are quiet between the two of you. It's possible that he doesn't realize the effect that his behavior is having on you...
Just out of curiousity, has he always been this way toward you or was there a particular change in your relationship?

well my brother is worse!
isnt he old to live away from home???

you could for starts stop being a p_ssy, how about that? you seem whiney. Why don't you just fight him one time for real? Haven't you heard the quote from Goodfella's
"Everyone takes a beating sometimes" that's just the way it is, take your beating in a fight and hurt him once. and it'll end. He'll think twice about fighting with you. He only treats you like that because you allow it. If you don't have resolve to follow through on a threat, or a fight to the end, How can you expect me or anyone to help you? if you don't have resolve or conviction then you're stuck under his boot. Get the resolve first bud.