My Brother Is Insane

I don't think I ever understood why my brother acted like he did, but now I'm starting to see a little clearer.  My mom was married once before and that husband left, so her first children got every thing they wanted.  She married my dad and he tried to discipline them, but was too tough on them.  My mom would pamper my brother all the time so it got to where he was such an ******* that nobody could stand him.  Then it ends up that everyone is out to get him, but he was the one doing all the crap.  Not too long ago I got to see first hand, other than the screaming at my mom and him threatening to punch her in the face and calling her names and beating down the house and breaking everyones things whenever he didn't get his way, but I got to see an entirely new side that I didn't imagine could exist in my family.  I was in the kitchen making my breakfast when he came in in his underware.  Then he asked the unthinkable, if he could see my breasts?  I was appalled and said no, then he asked if he could touch them.  I was devastated and cried for days.  I told my mother about it and at first she seemed to believe me.  Now, it's like she doesn't believe me.  My sister dropped a bombshell on me and told me that he molested her when she was little.  I hate him so much, and I don't have much respect for my mom either because she backs him up.  She actually said to me that animals don't care about ******.  What the fuh!?  Then she gets mad at me whenever I say anything bad about him, and can't understand why it is that I hate his guts.  It's like I don't understand my family anymore.  But I can't tell anybody about it...

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why are you living with them at that age?you should have moved out long ago.If you continue it will get worse.

I know of a new show that is looking for adult siblings who do not get along. The goal of the show is to provide professional help if possible. If you are interested in speaking with one of the producers please email<br />
<br />
Good Luck

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I want you to report him. Get out of the house. Get a job, find a cheap place, and try to get on with your life. Take your sister with you. Your mother also is a monster. She is abeting a sexual offender.<br />
I know you love your family, but please get away from your abusers. Get help. God help you. You never know who else he'll do this to if he keeps getting away with it.

Oh wow. Sweetheart, that is just insane. Does your brother have some kind of mental disability or emotional disorder that would explain any of this? I understand that sometimes people are just jerks, and seriously the whole molestation thing... And your mother... Wow. I just don't know what to say about this. The best advice I can give you is to try and talk to your mother. It seems as though she is in denial. When my brother used to get all nasty, my mom would defend him because to her, he was a reflection on her and she couldn't face the fact that she made a rotten kid. (He's better now but, yano.) The best thing would be to sit down with her and have an adult talk. Tell her how you feel and what you think should happen or be done. I can only imagine how scared you must be after his sexual approach. That must have been devastating and you must feel so violated. Ugh. I give you big hugs, sweetheart. You have some rough days ahead, but don't give up. You can't let this boy go on the way he is, because someday he's going to hurt somebody, and actually, he's already hurt your sister. Things like this should be reported and he should get psychological help, or be jailed. I mean, I know you probably don't want to put your brother in jail, but he sounds really dangerous, sweetheart. Tell your mother about your concerns, and if she defends him, tell her she's in denial. Though, she could just go into denial about being in denial. Wow, what a difficult situation. I'm around if you need someone to talk to. Seriously.