Big ******

I hate my brother. biggest ****** you ever met. yells and screams at everyone, his young sons included. calls the oldest (10yr) an arsehole to his face frequently then screams at me not to let him watch movies with swearing in them.
I took my new partner to meet my brothers family at the location of his choosing, kids football game, he ignored my partner compleatly till i told him how rude he was being. He insisits on calling my partner SAM which he hates. I only get to see my nephews when it suits him and if i cant attend a birthday due to work he tells the boys i dont care about them.
his pet names for me growing up were thunderthighs and cheap floozy. nice for a growing girl whos brother is her senior by 11 years. i hope this ***** drowns in his pool that noone is aloud to use. when he finally works out one of the boys is gay he'll throw him out. good. he can live with me.
big frigging ******!
binkky binkky
36-40, F
Nov 2, 2013