I Need To Kick Him Out.

This is more of a rant really, but I thought I'd join the group anyway and post my story.



He steals from us and lies about everything he does. He needs to get the hell out of my house before I rip his smiling, dumbass face off! I don't care how 'nice' he acts to everyone. I can see right through his lies. He stole from his work over a year ago, and that is why he's jobless now. He's on a state wide black list and he will probably never get another job because of it. He's been gypping us rent for the past year. (My dad has been giving him cash because he can't "trust" me. My brother has been shortchanging us about $40 every ******* month!)  He hides behind his 'disability' and plays like he doesn't understand. He tells people (when he gets caught in a lie or stealing) "oh, that's yours? I was confused.....so CONFUSED!!" *smacks his head a few times* "Oh geeze, I must be so stupid!" Man he's a good con. People fall for it almost every time. Must be that lisp with the overacting.

His formor boss caught on, but only after having the same scenario for 5 years. Once he figured it out, he was gone. Apparently he had been stealing $10's and $5's out of the registers for years. To this day my brother still claims that it was a misunderstanding. How in the hell can you miss understand a guy slipping cash from the register straight into his wallet? What a douchebag! I can't wait till I **** him off so much and he lunges at me so I can beat the **** out of him!!


Fyi, he has Auspurgers but he's so low on the autistic scale it barely registers. I prefer to call him a sadistic, apathetic little **** who is worth more cremated and made into a diamond.

Spedunk Spedunk
26-30, F
Feb 14, 2010