Him And His Mid Atlantic Accent

my brother i am sorry, every day i try but i cant feel any other way. i hate you for the things that you get away with. when we were little you got away with pushing me around and putting me down. i was so much smaller than you, yet you beat me with your large fists, humilliated me infront of your friends and told me in so many different ways that i am nothing. when you went away for all those years i was able to love you because distance equals fondness.

now you are back, we do not fight like we used to but there still hundred ways that you **** me off. by thinking that just because you ishid uko majuu you are better. with your posh new accent that is neither here nor there. you use it to make yourself feel all the more cultured and superior to everyone in this house. you act like you are too good, too good to pick up after youself and do the ******* dishes. you continue to get away with the most unbelievable things-getting your girlfriend pregnant. you got her pregnant  under your mother's roof and no one says nothing. i expected her to kick that girl off yours out of the house but she didnt, your her precious son so she tip toes around you like your made of glass.

i just want for the day that someone puts you in your place and humbles you.

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2 Responses Mar 3, 2010

I feel the exact same way as you. What you said had happened to me too. I'm always put down by my brother too but I never say anything and my Mother loves him way too much too.

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Good Luck