I Hate My Brother's Girlfriend With A Passion.

Ever since my brother and her got into a relationship, I always thought we wouldn't like each other. But, not this much! When they started dating ( 2 years ago) he been finding every reason in the book to ditch everything we used to do. But here is the story.

Our family only does this thing once every 2 years where we go see the rocafeller or what ever tree light up. My brother is 16 it is ok to be alone for 5 days. Ofcourse he was invited. But he said no. Every time my brother called him and ask what he was doing he would always have this response " With Amber " and never said anything else. When i asked what he was doing he would always have this response " Nothing Important. Just trying to go to sleep." Well i guess he was having one of those stupid days because we were on our way home. 15 minutes to the house I was playing Archery on my brothers iphone because mine was dead. Amber ( His girlfriend) accidently butt dialed him. And this was the convo i heard.
Amber: " Brennan's sister is way overly attached to him."
Random:" Thats what sisters do but you cant steal him from her, there related"
Amber: " WHatevs she probably is just a sorry b***** who doesnt know how to f****** give her brother away."
At that point my hands were tingling and rolling up in fist like i was getting ready to fight. And i hung up.
When we got home, i found Amber there with Brennan. They were playing some kind of stupid board game. She asked if she could speak to me. She literally dragged my by my hand and my hair but made it look like it wasnt. She got in there and started saying all this mean stuff to me and then threated to kill me. I honestly don't know why Brennan is still dating her. He can do way better.
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2 Responses Dec 1, 2012

It's the name!! I hate my brother's girlfriend with the same name. She is the exact same as you describe your brother's amber is. Now they are engage to be married. It's disgusting.

This is cute or interesting. I can't decide..Maybe you are that awesome sister that every man wishes he had when he was growing up.

But maybe this gf is jealous of you? If a girl is insecure or really into a guy then in both cases there will be hell to pay.

He is in a no win situation. He is probably thinking that he has to decide between this girl that worships him, doesn't judge him, that he is very comfortable with, and he doesn't have to put on a show for her in order to feel like a man... Or has to chose his gf which basically is publicly displayed arm candy..

He knows where he can eat his cake and enjoy the icing too. So don't worry. A man's sis is his first ahem 'taste' and every gf, wife, and lay is going to get compared against the standard (and that is you hun).

Chill. Relax. Enjoy your self,. He will be back.