Tired Of Her

Well I thought she liked me but then one day when I was walking out of my Brother's room I over heard her say something that set me off I wish I would have said something but I was in shock so bad I didnt (BIG MISTAKE) I heard her say how she thinks I am weird! I sometimes wish she would just move out of the country and get kidnapped so I wouldn't have to see her again ever! The only problem is I think my Brother agrees with her. And I we barely ever talk anymore and when me and him do get along around her she acts like shes upset Im spending just 5 minutes of time with him. UGHHHH! she got me a birthday and christmas present so I pretty much have to be nice to her and another thing they are thinking about getting married when they graduate college! and she is transferring to his college she claims because she can finish early and my parents all know its because she can keep other way BETTER girls away from him but thank the Lord she is going to a university far away!!! and I am thinking about seeing if she can just move away soon or somthing and she is getting him a puppy for Christmas which of course will top my gift wish she was gone. And I need help controlling my anger around her if anyone has any ideas please help!
hateheralotz hateheralotz
13-15, F
Dec 16, 2012