Bus Number 407.... -.-

So I get the 407 bus home from school every day.... It is the worst bus ever! no joke! Not only does it arrive up to an hour late every day, but it is always packed, and yet they don't think to send double deckers..... Also the drivers stink as none of them actually pull up to the bus stop properly, requiring people to walk a fair way to actually get on the bus, and they seem to have the incapability to actually drive properly...

I could easily solve these problems.... Send more buses from 2 until 4.... Send double decker buses.... Employ decent drivers.... Oh and also, make a new bus stop further along because despite all the wait to get on the bus, and the rubbishy cramped conditions on the bus, I have to walk even further!
Cainamythgimoj Cainamythgimoj
18-21, M
Dec 11, 2012