Page Me!!

Yes, am about to do an EP on my phone. You hard me right and its all down to the "i hate my cell phone" group that i joined the other day. I am not a big fun of phones but i have never considered doing without one. Its just lately that i feel like having one is an excuse for any one to just call me up, sometimes for no apparent good reason. Just thinking about the peace of mind that i could have is enough to seriously consider all options. So how will i manage, the daily responsibilities, my business, emergency, friends ect??
I remember the good old days..yes all this technology has made things easy but has also robbed us of time....... quality one to one with each other. If am going to do this then i will have to go step by step till i achieve the NO CELL PHONE point. Email and having a pager could really get me of the phone. i would have to record a message possibly something like"Hello, i no longer use my cell but my email and page number are as follow. Am not on holiday but off the phone indefinitely. Thank you" I will report back about this experience and if it has worked out. For a whole month i will disown my cell phone and hope never to turn it back on!!
Mynoshh Mynoshh
31-35, M
Aug 20, 2012