I'm Starting To Hate My Son

I want to hear that I'm not the only one. I want to love this boy. I regret him. He's 7 and the biggest pain in my butt. I wish he was never born daily. He gets my so angry I want to give him away. Me & his father are still together. We have a good life; he's our only child.... He's the reason I only had 1 child. He acts horrible in class and smirks like a little piece of crap when I punish him. He's rude and stupid. I don't understand why he is the beast he is. I treat him nice and tell him everyday that I love him and he's the handsomest kid in the world. I'm lying through my teeth! I have a fire in the pit of my belly. I'm not crazy enough to beat him or hurt him but I am really starting to hate him.
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He will grow up to hate you as well if you keep this pathetic attitude. And only you will be to blame. Learn to be a parent or it will get worse :)

Could you please specific on how exactly I am supposed to do that? I have 3 children and my middle child is the ONLY one who acts this way....There are times where my other 2 have to lock themselves in their room to hide from their sister....I have had psychological evaluations done and there is nothing they can find....so since you have SO much experience enlighten us!

Hello, I feel the same way my son is 16 now and if you don't get a grip NOW you want. My son was bad in school, home and church, I was so busy with other things like work, and just trying to be a good parent til I didn't notice the demon inside him nor me, he start acting out at school stealing, talking back to everybody, drinking, smoking, beating his syblings, ect. I tried punishing, time outs none of that stuff work I even spank him as a last resort, DIDN'T WORK, at that point I knew something was wrong badly wrong, so I took him to a physiatrist they told me he had ADHD,ODD, bipolar disorder, and mentally unable to learn and comprehend, they put my son on four different types of medicine that only helped him focus in a exceptional Ed class he is do better in school but his behavior overal stinks and I'm still praying for the day he gets out. Oh did I not mention that he curse me and fights my husband. Note THE ONLY WAY TO FIX THIS IS PRAY THAT GOD KEEPS YOU AND THAT HE GIVES YOU STRENGTH NOT TO LOOSE IT, its going to be hard but stand fast. God want put you through no more than you can bare, and put your son in as many extracurricular activities as possible that will give you a break and he will be so tired he want bother you, it's sad but true, I pray everyday for the love for my son and I'm pulled farther everyday cause of his behavior and it will make you hate but don't cause he is still your son and your responsibly till he is 18 long time be find him camps and activities keep him busy it will go so fast.

I suggest googling conduct disorder or ODD maybe this is an avenue worth looking down.<br />
I have a child who makes life very difficuilt to say the least.<br />
This disorder is nobodys fault but the treatment involves therapy for both child and parents alike to learn to deal with the situation.<br />
I have two younger children aswell and although very smart mentally for her 10 years on a social level she is acts about 5 in public and gets kicks from good attention, bad attention, dangerous behavour you name it!.. (this can create some very cunning behaviour)<br />
Scolding is not the answer, strick routiene and guidelines and even timetables can help. Trying to empathise with them really dosent work and we have been advised by the social worker to not show any emotion when diciplining her. <br />
We have come up with a parenting plan...<br />
<br />
1. warning<br />
2. count 3....2......1....... (this is the last chance before time out)<br />
3. Time out.... no arguing, no exceptions, no explanation<br />
4. time out starts when the crying stops and is around 10-15 minutes (on a timer)<br />
<br />
Last of all we have been advised not to discuss the episode with the child afterward or during time out, at the age of 10 they know when they are doing something wrong . It is a very no crap policy and we were teaching her to become a very good liar by trying to press a decent reason out of her for her behaviour. The fact of the matter is there is no excuse, it is a decision the child still chose to make.<br />
<br />
As for you, nobody else knows your child so has no right to judge your parenting but smacking dosent achieve anything except sob stories and guilty feelings . <br />
Take some time out and walk away or remove the child from the situation... last of all don't discuss the parenting plan infront of them, you are the parent and you make the decisions.<br />
<br />
Goodluck hope it helps and dont forget to praise and reward the good behaviour <br />
One day at a time :)

I dunno.... I just dunno what's goin on here... I've been a single parent since he was 2 and now he's 5 n a half... I've never known my son to be this rude, rebellious, and inconsiderate... until a few months ago, he was the BEST child any parent could dream of... All of a sudden he has somehow twisted 360^ and is behaving like a total spoilt brat... stamps his feet when permission is denied, starts whining and Cryin just when I say something small like this isn't the correct behavior and there u go! a bucket-full of tears for me to deal with.., eating manners, responsibility, maturity all stopped at once! I am perplexed at what he was before and what he has become now... I feel I cant take it, sometimes I feel I despise him! how can I rear him back to what he was and control myself from screaming at him n kindly bring t
him to what he was?

Sometimes they way we raise our kids can affect how they act. I have a 17 yr old son, who is starting to get on my every last nerve. I have 2 other boys 22 mos & 4yrs old. I think I may have spoiled him when he was a kid. He had everything except for his father wasn't there. All of a sudden I had a new boyfriend and the other kids came. I love my son, however, I think that somehow he is acting out. Maybe, because he doesn't want my boyfriend telling him what to do bec. it is not his father, maybe he is going through some kind of teenage faze. Whatever it is, I hate it. He makes me want to backhand for his smart *** mouth. I am going to go to a therapist bec. I can't deal w/ these behavioral changes. It's like he's bipolar or something.

You need help. No kid deserves that. Try getting him some help. Kids are RAISED, and how they are raised is how they act, obviously you did something wrong, don't act all innocent. Go see a therapist or something. You don't deserve to have him if you can bash him like this.

You can raise a child right, wrong etc. when a child reach a certain age he or she has already developed who they are and what the gonna be, there's not be one way to raise them and that the right way training them the way the should go but you can't make them, and I feel that it's not all the parents fault its part of the government fault to just like school bombing, shootings, and drugs when they had pray, and spankings in the school you didn't hear of that and now days you can barely discipline your on your home in fear of going to jail they gave the kids to much power over the adults that the problem

Please tell me what to do when everyone tells you they cannot help! She does not have any mental disorders...she gets the same if not more attention than her siblings....they are not like this at all...Once she is in one of her episodes we are powerless. ..so please if you can offer some LEGITIMATE advice please do...if not then STOP JUDGING!

you are NOT the only one!!!my son is 5. he causes the whole family to be in an uproar. when i found out i was pregnant again i got my tubes tied b/c i didn't want another one like him (my 3yr old is great though, but now trying to follow in big bro's footsteps and its making me crazy.) i left my husband and moved in with my parents and from the time he wakes up or gets home from school he runs around knocks stuff over, throws stuff around, when you scold him he "dazes" out. he's a horrible horrible brat and I taught kindergarten and i've never met a 5yr old that i couldn't straighten out or that i disliked so much....

I empathize. Read my story in " i hate my kid sometimes."