I dont particularly like the word HATE but its definately how i feel at times toward my 7 year old. I know how it sounds bc when im laying awake at night i just feel utterly horrible for having the feelings that i do toward him. But heres how it is for me...... i hate how my kid acts 99.99% of the time. He ignores me and back talks. He straight tells me no. He WHINES relentlessly about EVERYTHING!EVERYTHING! I ******* hate it! He whines about dinner, tv, playing video games, playing outside, not wanting to walk, .... you name it he doesnt just say he needs help... he cries and stomps.his feet and whines in thiz high pitched squeal that makes me want to slap him in the face.... but i dont even though i can visualize doing it. He asks me the same question over and over. Even when i answer he doesnt listen to the answer he just keeps asking!!! I just .. can have a great day at work amd as soon as i come in the house.... it starts...... i feel the anger just swelling in my chest bc i know its just going to be another.battle from the time i walk into the door. Even writing out my feelings feels so embarrassing. :( we spend every day yelling and screaming and i feel like im constantly in survival mode. To get done what needs done just so i can put.him to bed at 8 and not have to deal with him. Im exhausted and most of that is from the daily mental struggle it takes to keep my head on my shoulderz so that i do not knock his head off his...
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WOW. Reading this..I thought..Hey did I write this?! This is my 7 yr old son all over again. I just want to cry after reading your diagnosis. My fiance (my son's dad) says no to any sort of meds. I am at my wits end. Every day is a battle..and I go to bed feeling like I've lost. I have a Dr appt at the end of October..but even if the Dr. calls for meds..babe dad won't allow it...as is firm...not budging. I hate my life..UGH.

Dunno if it will help? but you could whine back when he whines. It was suggested to me as a way to deal with a whiny kid brother.

I'd also suggest telling him he'll get what he wants when he asks politely and not before.
If whining EVER works, he'll keep using it...He'll do it anyway, for a while, because intermittently reinforced behavior takes the longest to extinguish-that is, he'll try HARDER to make it work at first.

Noise-canceling headphones may be $100 well spent.

How are y'all getting along these days?

As of October 2012, after this post, my son was diagnosed with ADHD, ADD, and Aspergers syndrome. He has since been on medicines in addition to counseling with a therapist and following with a psychiatrist. Its not perfect but it has definitely improved from how things were when I wrote this post.

I would have him evaluated by a behavioral pediatrician. It sounds to me that he may have an issue such as ADD or some other behavioral problem that may be diagnosed and you will be given help on how to deal better. He is probably not a bad kid just needs some professional help. Good luck.

spank him ....simple

i can completly understand how you feel. i have an 8yr old like that. he hits me, slams doors, screams, puts holes in the walls and calls me names. As much as i love him,i often feel hatred towards him. I can only blame myself...he is spoiled, i dont follow through with any punishment and i let him get his way, just to keep the peace. I feel guilty for having these fellings towards him. He runs the show in my home, and i cant stand it anymore. we can not give up on our children. we need to nip it in the bud now before its too late.<br />
good luck