I Hate My Son

I never thought it would be possible to hate your child but since my son turned 14 2 years and 8 months ago ( I'm counting till he's 18 I can't wait to be rid of him I don't care where he goes as long as I don't have to see him ) he's made my life hell his dad died when he was was 12 I no longer feel sorry for him I wish his dad was alive so I could dump him on his door step I hate my kid he's causing damage to my other son I wish I was rich so I could send him to the farthest military school I could find I also wish they would allow me to put him in juvenile detention for 3 months I honestly think the kid needs his *** kicked but I can't do I can't even slap him when he calls me horrible names he loves to tell everyone how " horrible" I am I use to love him with all my heart and more I wanted the best for him I was proud of him I did everything I could to help him now I just want him out of my house I want to be someone else's problem I am comforted that I'm not the only one thank you
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So many posts here resonate with me. I have days where I really hate my son. Today is one of them. My son is a bit aspey - very bright and gets fixated with things. At the moment it is photography. He also has it in his head that every weekend he has to have friends over and go somewhere to photograph. But he is pushing boundaries, he swears, he argues and on it goes. I have fantasies of sending my son to live with his father. I mean why not? The child is 13yo and needs more male figures in his life at present. But the father is the type who says he loves his son but won't pay maintenance - strange that. I wish i had terminated my son - it has been a hard road. I even wrote a book about it "The Final Say" by Sarah Wadsworth. You can download it for free by just googling it.
But no matter your circumstances it is just a fact parenting is really difficult. Many of us who complain are solo parents with limitied supports. Many of us have difficult children due to Asp or ADHD. There is no easy answer.
But yes, bring on 18yo. Bring on the freedom we so crave. We need to find each other and go for a boat cruise to celebrate the fact they got to 18yo.
Sometimes I wish I was dead rather than be in my situation.
And I think many of us get depressed and overwhelmed.
Our self esteems have taken a beating.
We already beat ourselves up and single mothers do try and compensate for the lack of other parent.
More needs to be done in society about dead beat dads rather than the stigma associated with single mothers.
To all the single mothers out there - you are doing a fantastic job despite how you are feelings.
Love and power to you all xx

I know just how you feel. Been a single working mother for 17 years because of his dead brat dad. Loved my son. Gave him all the love I have and two weeks ago he told me he has hated me for ten years because his father and my abusive family have never acknowledged that he exists. Total neglect from them. I have been here by his side the while time. Trying to fix people who can't be fixed so he hates me! I can't stand him. I don't want him around me anymore either. I feel like you. He can get out.

I'm going through the same problem you do. I wish you could post the update, it's been almost 4 years since the original post. Did it ever change? How are you?
I hate my son so much, and I hate myself for thinking that. But I still hope it will pass. I know I will be able to forgive him, but for sure I will not forget what he is capable of. He is 15 right now, I'm counting days till his 18th birthday.
I would have never thought it would be us... I'm so sorry for all the parents that experience this.

My feelings of hate started to surface when my son was 14. He called me names and even pushed me around

He's in med school and I should be proud but he hasn't changed. He is fine unless I have an opinion different then his. That's when he cusses at me

I hate my son

Hey you should never say you hate your kid listen obviously he is going through deep depression and needs someone to say I love you not I hate you his dad died how would you feel if you were in his shoes. And why would you hate your kid sure they have bad days,weeks,months,years but you had a kid and you love him and you don't want to admit it. Don't yell at him,when he starts yelling at you hug him and say I love you to.


I can SOOO identify with you!!!!!!! I am so nice to my 11 year old son and he is sooo disrespectful towards me. His father and I were divorced when he was only 3 years old. I developed an alcohol problem due to the loss of another child 2 years before our son was born, so my exhusband took physical custody. Now I have 5 years sober and my son's great grandmother has spoiled my son so rotten I can hardly stand him... I know what some people may be thinking, but trust me, I Have Tried Everything To Make It Right With My Kid!!! He is growing up into a really ****ed up person, and I feel so powerless!! My exhusband is so hateful and vengeful and that creates more problems as well as adding to above mentioned problems! I am up in arms...This is making me so unhappy and unsettled.

I think what you're saying is being misunderstood because the pain has made you so frustrated and angry. Between the lines you're saying how much it crushes your heart and it's continuous because he is mean to you all the time. My teenage daughter yells at me everyday for no reason. She tells me I'm stupid, old, dress badly, no one would like me, etc. all the time. She still expects money, rides, clothes, you name it. I have tried everything and she just mistreats me because she feels like it. My wife protects her when I try to punish her and she raises such hell if she loses any privileges I can see why she doesn't want to hear her yell.

It makes me hurt and angry every time because she means so much to me. You get to the point where you just don't want to do anything for them or see them because of how they act. Is that what you mean? People commenting: If you never had a teen son or daughter treat you like garbage day after day after day, you won't understand what she is going through. Please be compassionate when posting and realize just because you think you know what others are going though, that doesn't mean you do.

There is a difference..I myself am living in he'll with my son... and its abusive verbally... being told u dress bad is different... how about ur a fat ****. ..you're a who're...a *****. .. breaking every thing in ur house... and cops cant even help so u just live in holy hell

I haven't tried the police yet, but I'm starting to think that may be the only way...

Michael -- I totally understand how you feel. My teen son, now 16, has been treating me like garbage since he turned 14. Then they turn around and want things from you. In the real world, there are consequences for treating people poorly. He needs to understand this, but will only do so if BOTH parents insist on it.

He is verbally abusive and punches doors and walls and has taken a knife to cardboard in our garage, literally shredding it. He has broken furniture -- two kitchen chairs just destroyed. Has taken a knife to our kitchen table, kicked in the dishwasher, broke the stove by slamming it. And yet two days later, when he is calm, he wants me to buy him fast food or treats or take him somewhere.

He has ADHD and a wonderful IEP at school--which he refuses to cooperate with. Won't do his schoolwork, won't go in to school. He has always been very difficult.

I think not having both parents on the same page causes this. Kids need consequences -- even natural ones -- to learn. But my husband doesn't want to deal with his (now very scary) temper tantrums, which are much worse now that he is a full grown man, essentially.

He screams and rages in my face and my husband just sits there. He takes anything you say wrong. You can say the nicest thing and he will take it as an insult. It is bizarre. I came up with a system of consequences years ago to help our son, but my husband refuses to cooperate. He wants to be our son's buddy but our son is spiraling out of control --drugs, alcohol, won't go to school. I fear for his future, if he cannot control his rage. I will stand up to him (my husband won't). I don't care anymore if he ends up hurting or killing me. I feel I've lost everything, anyhow. I have to try to help him, even if it makes him angry (well--everything makes him angry).

God help us all. :...(

I'm sure it's upsetting that your husband won't participate. It sounds like you are trying to follow up and do what you say, and that's what the experts say, and if your spouse isn't helping you your son will use that for sure. I acted just like him when I was that age.

I am 30 years sober and have ADD. I was high every day at that age. For me it was using drugs and feeling very disconnected from everyone. He may feel no one loves him and if all his feelings are very hard for him. He may project that out at you. I really feel that reasonable boundaries and consequences are essential in the situation you're in and then follow through by both parents.

Whatever you guys do, agree on your rules, your husbands rules, whatever, and then follow through no matter what your son does. If he get's violent call the cops. We do them no favors by letting them act violent at home, cause when they move out and do it at a bar or a club they will go to jail. Better to learn at home.

Some people just have to learn when they learn. I sobered up at 23 after being kicked out of the house at 17 and moving across the country and back.

We have had improvement with my daughter, but she still acts out sometimes yelling and screaming. I started watching her cell phone and told her I was doing it. I also have been confrontational with her when she acts out, but when my wife jumps in on her side it's a real mess. Sure is hell on a marriage. You're in my thoughts. Best of luck and remember YOU are Awesome and the "mean teen" is being a selfish sh*t, even though they have the best Mom in the world. :-)

Thanks for your reply -- it helps to hear from others in the situation. :-)

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Hard love, that is the only way to deal with these little demons. They respect, and sometimes fear, power. But the soft, kid gloves thing does not work. All you with those pseudo-science psychology degrees come analyze my kid, or any of these kids. Nothing in your text book prepared you for this. Gotta be parent and invest a decade or so of love before you even get this...sometimes never.

With that said, I can't speak for the others, but mine is not a terrible, horrible monstrosity. He is what I'll call a little monster, let's say monster light. This is a 1.5 years after my first post and I can say somethings have gotten better but must of all I am comfortable with my decision to not like my son. I love him but I do not like him very much. His sisters are older and my 12 year old can kick his @ss now so she is not frightened by him. In fact, its quite the other way around. She got sick of all his crap and now orders him to clean his room and do the dishes. Sometimes he actually listens to her because she will correct him.

My monster is not violent toward people. Just himself and property. He just likes saying shocking things. but none of us react so it goes away. But he is smart enough to know not to destroy something of value. Like Friday, he had a melt down because I took his phone for failing grades so he ran out the door with my $2 Ikea vase threatening to break it. I just looked at him without a care, shut the door and locked it. If he cannot get a rise out of me, he backs down. He just sat outside for 15 minutes begging to come back in and clean his room. The other thing is he fears me. I am not a delicate, soft person. I am pretty hard core - with everything I do - so he fears me. He respects me enough to bite his tongue and does not raise a hand to me. So we have got this respect thing down.

He is failing his classes, but it goes up and down. He comes home with A's and F's. Only doing well in what he wants to. It is hard to reward him for the" A" in math while grounding him simultaneously for the "F" in English. He is selfish and greedy. But we manage him. We lock snacks up in our room, I never put cash in my wallet, we lock all the doors, including bathroom, lock everything up of just don't have things in the house. My husband just put a lock on the fridge last week. Everyone has a key but him. he keeps pulling stuff out the fridge, making huge messes, cooking/burning food and ruining pans, knives and making a huge mess so he is cut off from the fridge. he is a walking storm, in that he makes a mess everywhere and cleans nothing. I actually go in with garbage bags and haul his mess out of his room like an episode of hoarders. he then always complies and puts his stuff away. Luckily he loves his stuff more than his mess.

My son still has moments of clarity where he hugs me and says he loves me. He can't/won't do that with his father. he hugs his brother and his littlest sister. She is very charming so he actually likes her and can be kind. The dog still hates him. My oldest son had a child last year and this changed some parts of my son. We called him the baby whisperer. He actually did really good with the baby and she loves him. So there is something good in there.

My biggest struggle is that he is 14 and won't stop smoking pot. We have sent him to chemical dependency counseling and its not much help, but there are studies to suggest THC helps calm the ADHD in some kids and helps autistic kids express themselves. Hey, the crap they put into our kids is poison anyway. Its all wrong to medicate. I'm by no means condoning this behavior. But this is the one thing we can not get a handle on. Its a point of great contention and what he gets punished the most for. I'm just saying it could be worse. And probably will be when he is 16. he stays home and never goes out so this is good he is not getting into trouble. Strangely enough he is health conscience. This is his one redeeming quality. He eats mostly organic salad and won't touch forced fed meat. Go figure???

So my monster is containable. His dad hates him still. I still feel a lot of what I did in my first post, but I think I'm coming to terms better with our situation. he knows I dislike him and he has his bad habits and behaviors that we, the school counselors, psychiatrists and medical providers cannot get control of. He is gonna do what he wants to do. Luckily, none of that involves hurting someone else. he asks me for stuff all the time and I respond, "no, because you treat everyone like $#!% so I'm not getting you squat. I don't like you right now." That seems to do if for him.

For the first time, this year he has friends and is really trying to maintain normal. Now he just comes off as a little billy bad @$$ but at least he is not flying off in 50 different directions of crazy. He gets in trouble at school a little less, their biggest issue is he gets to class a few minutes late everyday (not 1st period - all the others) and does not go to tutoring as he is required. But he wakes up, goes to school every day, and is excited about being there. he turns in half his homework. Good news is he is very bright, so he can learn some kind of trade when he is ready.

he even cleaned the dishes, swept the floor and cleaned the bathroom yesterday - yeah it was half @SS but he tried. He wanted his phone back, so he did what he had to. What I learned about my kid is that the moment I pretended not to care or give a $hit is when he started to. The more meaner I got the more he tried to please me. So our relationship is very warped. I have to come down hard on him when I want results instead of giving him a hug like I would like to. I cuss him out, chase him through the house and run him upstairs and he does what he is supposed to (1/2 the time). I just wink at my husband and we laugh. but hey, it works. He respects power. So I overpower him. It is exhausting but I think we are beginning to understand each other.

he now understands I am not fooling around and going soft on him. I refuse to give in and give him his way. In the battle of the wills - I WIN. So I am breaking him at some point. I can make him do what I want if I force my hand - again exhausting . But I have to put the energy into my saving my boy. I believe he is good at heart. he loves and respects his grandma, she does not see any of these behaviors but she understands because my brother was the same way. And he turned out all bad. I am trying to prevent that.

About the rage thing (theirs not mine). Just bind him with duct tape until he cools off. I do not know if its legal but I told the police and the school what I did and no one cared too much or reacted. Police just said "probably not a good idea" but I can justify it because he is destroying things. He was throwing a fit and tearing things up so we duct taped him until he calmed down. like a cocoon. Work like a charm and every time I pull out the duct tape he promises to get control of himself. I also have driven him 5 miles away (without his shoes) and he had to walk home. The police found him and called me. I made him wait another hour. They appreciated what I was doing because I refuse to beat the crap out of him and get real creative in punishing him. they just asked that I give him his shoes next time because they got a call that a kid was walking around without shoes so I guess they thought he was homeless or something. Now when he really pushes my buttons I tell his father, brother and cousin that lives with us get him in the car and duct tape him to the seat because I am driving him out. he calms down then, he knows I mean it. I have left him behind at the mall on shopping trips when he runs off mad that i did not buy him something. That all stops now. he stays by my side when we are out in the world because I will leave him behind. He is 14 and old enough to take a bus.......if he has money. Trust me, no one would kidnap him and I pity them if they try. the child spits fire.

I see him fighting is own demons. he wants to be good and do the right thing. he knows what this is. he is torn up inside and often makes the bad choices, but at least he recognizes and is willing to change. So there are moments of normal in our life where he is actually getting along with all of us. he wants good grades and talks about going to college. He just has to stop all the behaviors that will kill this dream.

I believe his one saving grace is that he is incredibly handsome and now at 14 the girls notice. Lots of girls. he wants to be normal and act right in front of them. he tries to act more normal at home too because his sister goes to school with him and tells his business when he acts crazy at home. So he has learned to control himself most of the time. His major fits are probably once every 3 months or so. Waaaaay better than every week.

Thank you all for chiming in. It helps to bounce this stuff off other people. I know there are many of you out there struggling with your kids and if one thing I say helps a little I am glad my experience is not in vain. BUY DUCT TAPE!!! Don't hurt them, just scare the crap out of them.

NO child's continued abusive & destructive behavior is excusable-disorder or not!!! And to the ignoramouses that think a little TLC will whip these raging brats back into shape-GET REAL. Sometimes you just get slapped with a bad egg & no matter how you kiss & hug & shape yourself like a doormat you will NEVER get through. Act like that and all you'll be doing is reinforcing that criminal behavior and letting them know you (and others) will and do accept that behavior by sitting back and doing NOTHING! These distructive "members" of society are sometimes just bad people no matter how much love you give!

I can't even fathom this. I love my three boys no matter what they do. Is lay down my life for them.

I believe a child is the most precious gift from God however parents sometime believe no matter what their kid say or do - is expectable….when a child reach an age of understanding, they should be treated accordingly. Kids 16 and older should be given more responsibilities however many (*******) don’t agree!
That’s is why so many violent crimes are committed!

Indicates Gender (*******)

I was too upset with myself to go to work today. I broke this morning as I was driving my kids to school. I screamed "I hate you" several times at my 14 year old son and asked him why I had a kid like him. Talk about a ****** parent. I know this kid tries to push my buttons, the little *** was even smirking when he got out of the car. I dont hate him , I love him with all my heart and it kills me that I respond to him in such an immature manner. He has to argue everything and gets really disrespectful. Please tell me I haven't scarred him for life ! God help me to find a way to control my temper with this child.

i hope you are feeling stronger today... but trust me i get it.. a child who constantly disrespects, manipulates, bullys, and is just plain mean 24 hours a day 7 days a week is exhausting...unless of course he wants something from you..and what you said about the smirking.. that is my child to a tee...we are only human when somebody is constantly abusive to you, you become exhausted and then you have to protect yourself in some way...we wouldnt let anyone else treat us like that.. i have dropped friends and family members from my life for far less the the way my child treats me..i doubt you have scarred him for life , he already has some issues and he is old enough to start taking responsibility for his own behavior.. i obviously dont have the answer but know we have all at this site felt the shame and guilt and pain... i truly hope this gets better for you and one day it will be a distant memory..

It was a trying weekend. Thanks for the response, it helps me feel less alone. I think I'm going to look into Christian counseling after Christmas, when I'll hopefully be able to take a little time off work.

Your not a bad parent. You are human. Kids like this have really thick skins because they are rejected or upsetting to everyone, family, teachers, coaches, and what few friends they have if any. My anger with my son is the least of his therapy reasons. The smirk is the game. They push buttons, you explode, they get a rise - no therapy is needed by them. you need the therapy to get over the guilt. I use to feel that way now I realize he rather enjoys this game of cat and mouse. It is the only genuine feelings he gets. These kids do not like soft warm gushy moments. they live for drama and anger and emotionally thrive on this. You did not scar him, he scarred you. Ask him about it later and he does not even remember or care. These kids are over the top arrogant and obnoxious so they really don't give a rats @$$ what you feel or say. My brother was just like that and abused his wife for 30 years until she left his horrible @$$. My son is 14 as well and has what they call Oppositional Disorder (or what I call @$$hole syndrome). Because he controls it when he wants something!!!! I let my son say "no" and make it clear to him I will not engage in an argument, I don't care what he says but that all I know is his phone will get shut down in 3 minutes unless he starts what I asked and the wifi/internet will get shut down. That usually makes him start his chores because I always pull the plug when I say so. And he lives for wifi.

It busts my heart into a million pieces that I have come to hate my son. He and I used to be so close and I used to love being a mother. Now, he is so abusive. I have come to a point where I've told him not to call me or come to my house. I told him to text me or message me if he needs anything. I am done.

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do! His choice-not yours!

I know what it feels like to hate your son. My 11 year old is horrible. I can't wait for him to turn 18 so he can be on his own since he is sooooooooo much smarter than me (according to him). I would have killed to have me as a mom & all he does is put me down. Nothing is ever enough or good enough for him. All he wants to do is sit in his room & play video games. Had I known how this would play out I never would have had him. His brother on the other hand is 3 yrs younger & is the complete opposite. He is social & is polite & caring. It really sucks. I tried for soooooo many years to get pregnant because I wanted a child so badly to love & to have that love rejected is really hard.........especially when now I have to be responsible for this uncaring, rude little jerk until he's 18.

Half of you people are idiots. Read the WHOLE story before you post. He is under age so he can't be kicked out. How do you spank someone who can kick your *** & yes, you can go to jail for
abusing a child if you leave ANY mark on a child. I learned that from a police course I went to.

I wish I had aborted my son. I hate him.

Im sorry...this is a perfect example of why we need to fight for Women's rights and the ability to choose to have safe & legal abortions if we so choose...the day abortoin is voted out we will all be hostages in our own body-punished with violent, abusive children we dont want until the day we die (or 18 years...if we survive).

I sent my son to Catholic school for about 6 months. It straightenend him right up and the sh** stopped. You might want to try that. : )

I can relate... prayers help..seeking counsel is another option....but what can we do? After all we brought them into this world.......what's a mom to do?

How old is your son? Based on his age there are many things you can do. Is he over 18? If so, kick him out and make him fend for himself. If he is under 18, then you still have time.....counseling...has he been diagnosed with a condition? What does the psychiatrist suggest?

You're not alone. My son has aspergers but I think he is possessed or just a genuinely mean person.

He spits at me and his mom, he kicks us when we say no. He hits us, choked his mom, tried to claw my eyes out, tells us to shut up, watchs **** when I forget to turn the internet off when I'm not home and says the most vile disgusting things to get a laugh at our repulsion, has kicked a hole in his bedroom wall, smashed various electronics when he's mad, come after me with a metal pipe, makes fun of his mom crying when her parents died, rages about people at his school wanting to stab them, calls his mom a c-word or various people n-words...I could go on and on.

He's 16 and I have to control myself around him otherwise I'm afraid I'd let go and hurt him badly with rage. I would leave but I couldn't leave my wife in this hell alone and my belief in God is too strong to walk away.

He won't do homework, doesn't care that he's flunking everything, is getting fat because he's lazy, eats nothing but junk food and refuses to do anything to help around the house.

Our jobs are stressful and we come and and he makes us miserable every moment he is awake. He was fairly normal until he turned 14...now he's 16 and is getting worse. I've spent thousands on meds, shrinks, hospital and nothing works. I'm not wealthy enough to send him away otherwise he'd be in a military school on the other side of the planet.

My nightmare is that he doesn't amount to anything and never leaves our home. I think if I see that happen my wife and I will have to sell our home and move somewhere secret and tell him to join the military or whatever.

You have my empathy Abc0917 and the other people...I hate my son and I pray for forgiveness for that as well as the rotten things I say when I am so enraged by him.

If counseling hasn't worked yet, then you may have not found the right counselor/doctor/'shrink'. What do the counselors you've seen thus far say? Can you have him committed? It sounds like he can't live in the house with you. Also sometimes Aspergers can be partially improved with good food choices. Things like dyes and chemicals in junk food can cause the condition to exacerbate. I'll pray for you and hope you can get him committed to a group home or something so that you and your wife can get some quality of life in your home again. God bless you.

Wow-it really seems like he puts you in a living hell...the asbergers must be the icing on the cake as they have no empathy! A walking/talking/living robot of abuse! Just be thankful he will be 18 in less than 2 years & wont have to be your problem anymore. They have assisted living programs for mentally ill adults-sounds like the kind of plave he needs to be in with specialists trained to deal with people like this and can possibly humanize him.

This is my life exactly living with a kid who has asperger's and ADHD...he was a product of rape and i was doing the motherly thing of keeping him but i'm in HELL and jus want him gone. He is also 16.

I'm sorry for what you're going through, I'm going through the same right now, and I'm counting the days till he turns 18. My son acts like such an ungrateful *******, he is rude whenever his dad is at work and I had to pull him out of school because of his behavior and homeschool him. It stresses me out so much that its actually affecting my physical health. I WISH I could afford military school :'(

my son is 22 and always asks me for money when I say no he takes a fit and starts throwing things and banging wall. I am afraid of him but I want him to leave Help me please

Very simple (well, very hard emotionally for you, but functionally, it's simple). Call the police and have the ungrateful sod removed from your home. Get a restraining order and tell him in no uncertain terms is he welcomed or allowed back in your home. Have the locks changed and change the code on your alarm. He's an adult and needs to learn that he can no longer treat you this way. God bless you. You shouldn't have to live in fear in your own home.

i too regret having my son he is not worth all my time and trouble to be honest, if i could turn my life back, no way would i have children

I feel the same, 14 years ago my best friend urged me to get an abortion and now I'm wishing I had taken her advice : (

my eldest son died earlier this year and i have one other son, he is being really nasty to me now, i thought it was down to the bereavement but he treats me with total disresspect and says im not part of his family anymore. I have done everything for him throughout his life and the latest thing he is being nasty for is absolutely atrocious and so petty and stupid and so very very upsetting. I will never forgive him and totally totally hate him for doing this at a time when i need his support

I wish I could hug all the hurt parents. Pain, anger, fear, sorrow, tears tears tears.

Thank you.

I know how you feel my son is horrible, I rely hate him :(

That's the age when my son turned into a totally different person. Prior: loving , fun, respectful. Now: arrogant, rebellious, rude, disrespectful, sense of humor gone. mine will be 18 in a few months, so I can start to breath again. His older brother is so angry with him for messing up the family.
You other: don't judge unless you've been there. I NEVER ever thought I could ever possibly regret having a child, but then life happens.

Read before you post, folks. The kid is 16 years old. If she tries to "spank" him -- and how would that work, exactly? What are the mechanics in trying to spank someone larger than the would-be spanker? -- then the kid is simply going to hit her. Problem solved, from his point of view, but the mother has a terrible new problem.

As for all the usual trolls assuming that the poster must be a horrible person -- enh, you're getting tiresome. Attackattackattack. It's all you can do. It's so repetitive. You bore me.

I have two-way sons i has forced marriage and eldest son is his,i was drugged with him so never wanted to have that child,hes rude,violent,manipulative,threatens me,and my other son i love ti bits but the eldest is bullying him and tells him wrong things,my mum us a ***** as,she treats them dufferently and is spoilt the eldest ****,i hâte him,geste made my life hell.and i dodgy he woukd .he wants to hit me,he steals,liés.he usés me and i wont let him in my house again.my dad Does and they both have different dads who have not been around.

my mother hates me and it has ruined me and really screwed me up you should suck start a shotgun you terrible person

Guess what, some of these evil nasty kids grow up to be evil nasty parents. I would never tell my son to suck start a shot gun, but I would have offered him a one way first-class ticket to anywhere in the world on his 18th b-day if he does not stop with is horrible, crazy, irrational, nutty, violent, self-destructive behavior. if you want to get high and not work and be a parasite on someone else dime - it better not be mine. If you want to go to college and work I will pay tuition and for all your expenses and you can live with me forever....like my 20 years old who is a self professed "momma's boy". So sounds like you got a sucky deal. But I know I am a wonderful mom and each of my children - even my messed up one - will tell you I am the best mom in the world. everything from fantastic birthday parties beyond their wildest dreams, private music lessons, home made rice crispy treats, helping them with homework, and making chicken soup when they are sick, to team mom on their soccer team, usher at the children's theater when they are in productions ...you will be hard pressed to find a better mom than me. So see, every mom that dislikes their kid is not a terrible mom, some kids are just rotten, then they procreate.

SEND HIM TO MILITARY school asap!! If that doesnt work have him put on meds. <br />
<br />
Good luck

You should be ashamed of yourself.

Well, You should be ashamed of yourself JUDGING other people. Walk in someone else's shoes.

You can't know til you've been there yourself. You have NO F**KING CLUE how horrible this is, so STFU.

i hate my own son as well so i really understand you. i wish the ****** would just disappear from my face. he's 22 and has brought nothing but hell to my life. yesterday i had to pay him 100 dollars to help me with my yard work and he complained constantly that i was under paying him. i hope i never see his fucken face again.

If you have never had a hateful, vengeful, selfish, disgusting child, which goes against 14 years of home training, then shut your mouth. My son ****** himself everyday & would wear the clothes if I didnt care, passes gas when we are having a meal, spits on others, is defiant about the most ridiculous things (don't poke others), must have the last word, takes five house for a 10 math problem worksheet, doesn't seem to know how to shower (uses cold water, no soap), refuses chores, consequences don't bother him, eats candy and junk constantly, won't brush his teeth, screams in my face, acts like an ape destroying the bed when I send him to his room, eats with his mouth open, cheats on all homework, lies about everything & makes up events that never occurred, bosses younger children pushing my toddler down, must control every situation, steals from everyone, thinks he never does anything wrong, never accepts responsibility for misbehavior, searched youtube for miley cyrus rape & black ******* rape, will not communicate unless he is to gain something. I think hell sent me this child. He has manipulated the therapist so well she believes the toddler and his twin are to blame for my son's outbursts. I am getting nowhere with doctors because he acts polite and well-mannered at visits. His shrink recommends giving him cash if he behaves for 24hrs. WTH? His dad wants to send him to a military school but I couldnt bear it if he were injured or molested. I ignore the bad manners and bed wetting (to him), trying to tackle lying, cheating, stealing, and violence. I'm exhausted and wonder what I did wrong in a past life. I agree that you give up everything for your child, but does it have to kill you? The stress is soon to give me a massive stroke...Ive had two minor. My son hopes I die so no one will tell him what to do. <br />
Sooo for all you on high horses maybe walk a mile in a warriors shoes.

The part that I worry about is the part where you say "I couldn't bear it if he were injured or molested".... And, I do NOT agree that you should give up everything for your child. NONESENSE. This might be part of the problem -- you let him walk all over you. On the other hand, I have a real peach of an ******* son myself so I do understand what you've described, and unfortunately, these people are just "broken" and there really is no "fixing" them. They might grow out of it, or, if you are rich, you put them into a therapeutic in-patient setting @ $500/day (that's $185,000/year folks), or, if you are dirt poor, you get warehoused in Metropolitan State Whacko Ward.

One thing you should not do is let him violate your boundaries. When my kid loses it and punches the wall and puts a hole in it, I call the police and press charges. A misdemeanor, yes, but it builds a case that he's got problems and can't be left to his own devices. I'm hoping I can get him declared disabled so he can live on SSI and I can kick him out without worrying he's on the street with no roof or food.

"I'm hoping I can get him declared disabled so he can live on SSI and I can kick him out without worrying he's on the street with no roof or food." Oh, yeah great idea! Make him a tax-sucking lowlife that is EVERYONE ELSE'S problem! He doesn't need to sit on his disrespectful *** collecting free checks!! Sounds like youre the one letting your son walk all over you... Sounds like he needs a good ***-kicking or a good kick-out! Who cares if he doesn't have food or a roof over his head! At least he'll have consequesces for his actions that might make him start acting like a human being instead of being a monster & being rewarded with free room, board & food!!! Ugh...god these people!!!

It would probably be a blessing if you were to have another stroke and go to your eternal rest, you poor thing.

Who had a stroke?? You did?? Oh poor thing...you'll probably die soon...good!

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I am sorry that this has happened to you. I too know what it is like. I know that you don't want to hate your son, but moms are people too. <br />
<br />
For those of you who who idea what a hell it is to feel this way......shut up

You, my dear, are a ******* idiot. Give your kid to someone who knows how to love and actually deal with something in life, and you go and ******* grow up. You hate your kid? You know what, he probably hates you, too, and if you were my mother I would hate you. Take your hand out of your pants, grow the **** up and learn to take some god damn responsibility. I'm 14 and I have 4 younger brothers, and I have to raise 2 of them since my brother is special needs, and even I can see how much you need to grow up.

Like you said...youre 14 and know nothing. Youre lucky you get to babysit your brothers that you are not legally obliged to maintain through hell & high water.

spank him......simple

Spanking/Corporal Punishment is against the law you idiot. Parents could go to jail and have CPS all in their lives messing it up if you decide to spank your child. What decade do you think this is, idiot?

ya, dont know where you live but its not against the law. Abuse is... but spanking it not and you need to stop letting you kid control your life your the grown up so grow up.

She's not a heartless *****. She's just stupid. Stupid for having kids. Stupid for thinking that it would somehow benefit her. And stupid for not realizing that this was a possible outcome of having kids. Why is it that we put more thought into what car to drive or what cell phone to get as opposed to having children? Ridiculous!

and how many kids do you have spock?

Honestly, you are such a heartless ***** for hating your own child. He's probably been through a lot, and the best way to get his behavior better is to give him love, and possibly counseling or some other form of treatment. From what I've read, this is about YOU and not HIM. Just stop for a second and consider how many times you say "I this, I that" without considering your child's feelings and his needs. Just from reading this, I know for a fact that you are a selfish demon of a person.

Another pompous person who has never had children. Do not speak when you have no clue on the subject. Especially when you speak out of complete ignorance. Don't breed.