He's Not Even Here Yet

I am 28 weeks pregnant. I have an 11 year old. I have a fiance.
I am so regretful that I am having this child. I only got pregnant and stayed pregnant, bc it was what I thought would make my fiance happy and complete. He never mentioned wanting a child at any specific point, but always having one someday.
Now I am miserable and know that this is not what I wanted. I hate this child and resent everything it is.
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I know that this post is too late now. There is a form of depression that forms before a baby is born. It's little known. I had it with my second child. The doc put me on Lexapro, throughout my 2nd-3rd trimesters. The Lex did not help with my postnatal depression. Took a while to find the cause of that. Turns out that I had other medical conditions. I had pnd. with all 3.

I have a friend that is going through something somewhat similar with the exception she has not told me she hates her unborn baby. Don't feel like this, try to make the best out of this situation. Is your partner happy and excited as well as supportive? <br />
The Baby is not at fault here neither are you. I suggest seeing a Therapist would help you tremendeously.<br />
<br />
I truly hope by the time your Baby is born, your feelings have changed.<br />
<br />
Good luck!

That is one of the most selfish reasons I have ever heard of for bringing a child into this world. I don't understand how you resent something that was completely your decision, you can't even blame your fiance for pressuring you. You should probably resent and hate yourself, maybe you do, I would seek therapy if I were you. Try to get yourself together, some help for you and your partner, before this child is born. I hope your feelings about this change, and if not you are able to be strong enough to give it to the father or up for adoption, so that it has a chance to be loved.