I Feel That I Hate My Daughter At Times, And Jus Dont Like Her And My Two Boys The Rest Of The Time

I have a 12yr old son, soon to be 13..and 10yr old son..and a 6yr old daughter...more and more I'm starting to not like them...mostly my 12yr old, and I'm getting to were I hate my daughter..she is like a demon..everything about her is wrong..she's so sneaky well try to be..They all aren't doing so good in school..The oldest and youngest are followers...I jus dont know what to do anymore..but I dont like feeling this way about my kids...I was once asked if I had a favorie child..the answer was ,No, but now it's like I do. My 10yr old would b my pick if I had to choose and I dont like that there's even a choice..he gets on my nerves the least, then my 12yr old, then my daughter the most...I have had thoughts of giving my daughter away...the bottom line is that I don't want to feel this way about my kids..but I do. So do anyone hav a solution
33erst 33erst
May 19, 2012